Shitty bike thieves caught on camera, identification help needed

Stealing My Bike

Check out this security footage of two assholes clipping a lock and stealing a bike from a garage downtown. The best part is when the guy tries to get on the bike, but it’s clearly too tall for him and he fails the first couple times trying to mount it.

Unfortunately, they get away with it. If you or anyone you know has any information about this theft or can identify the people involved, get in touch — the victim has a Craigslist post up here.

Here’s a picture of the bike in question:

[via pkingDesign]

23 Responses to “Shitty bike thieves caught on camera, identification help needed”

  1. David says:

    Why wasn’t it locked? How did you get the footage from the garage? Theft is uncool, but small precautions would have prevented this misfortune.

  2. Phil Dokas says:

    I work with the guy whose bike was stolen and it was locked at the time. He got the video from our building’s security group.

  3. learn2read says:

    @David “clipping a lock”

  4. M says:

    What kind of lock was used?

  5. David says:

    I watched the vid. I guess this is the web and I should have read the description first, huh. The part where he clips the lock isn’t visible or has been edited out. I’ve had bikes, a motorcycles and a car stolen. So I understand the violation. Hope they find the thieves.

  6. Trevor says:

    I work with the victim, so I can answer your questions. It was locked, albeit with a cable lock. The garage gave him the footage.

  7. henry says:


  8. Holmes says:

    Not the first theft from that garage. Happened earlier this year. Building released the footage. Looks like a different dude though.

  9. youngt says:

    the very same thing happened to my friend in the same place. not sure if they ever found the guy:

  10. Ken says:

    yes they do have that methy look

  11. Stuart says:

    Fuck those meth sucking bottom feeders, I feel your pain man,

  12. Phil says:

    Thanks for posting my video here guys, I appreciate any help finding it and/or the jerks who stole it.

    Learned my lesson with the cable lock. I’ve been using it for the past 3 years thinking the garage was “safe enough” to justify it. Clearly not.

  13. xid says:

    The bikes I ride are $100 cruisers, heavy, with fat tires and super comfortable. I ride slow and it’s great. I totally recommend cheap bikes. I see all these people riding and losing their expensive racing bikes and wonder why people want racing bikes in the city.

    • kusfwtf says:

      Because people want nice shit, it’s not a crime of stupidity or naivete. I have a nice bike ’cause I can afford it. Owning a piece of shit bike is not wrong, but neither is it virtuous.

    • stiiv says:

      I used to ride shit bikes and not worry about it. Then I got a really nice expensive bike. Never going back.

  14. dave says:

    I have the schwaggiest bike possible that I keep locked up at 24 st BART. The old rear wheel was dented, rusty, and had a notable wobble. Yet, somebody stole that wheel off my locked bike a few months ago.

    I got a new wheel for the schwaggy bike and locked it to the frame with a cheap little chain. A week later, somebody tried to steal the wheel again, but quit half-way in when they noticed the little chain lock. Since then, it’s been left alone.

    Point being: It doesn’t matter how cheap your bike is, it’s still thief-bait.

    On a broader note, seeing that footage of the street traffic reminds me of the kind of surveillance they have in London.

    That’s a powerful weapon to have at your disposal if you have the wherewithal to procure the footage and disseminate it.

    As much as I hate bike thieves and relish the chance to confront one, I wonder if crossing this threshold of publicly ID’ing suspects through sidewalk camera surveillance footage wouldn’t better be reserved for something like identifying the rape suspect lurking around 24 ST, or other such criminals.

  15. Um says:

    So the door to the bike cage or whatever that area where the bikes are is left wide open???

  16. TIMMY says:

    one more bike-less hipster

  17. fingerbinger says:

    The moll looks straight-up tweaky. She’s either really, really nervous about the heist or on a multi-day meth binge. Or both.