Hipster debate settled once and for all

Blogger Zoë Stagg (not pictured) overheard the ultimate exchange:

What do you mean “Hipster?” What’s that?
You KNOW. They’re the ones who wear tiny sweaters.

Tiny sweaters! That’s the key! Thanks for clearing that up, Zoë! [link]

10 Responses to “Hipster debate settled once and for all”

  1. d says:

    Oh, so just because I don’t have any tiny sweaters, I’m not a hipster? I’m not just going to sit idly by while you label me a normal.

    Well actually, I guess I AM going to sit idly by while you label me a normal. But I’m going to do so at fourbarrel, drinking an americano and checking mission mission on my laptop.

    • trixrforkids says:

      d, you’re almost at the time of day when you would switch from an americano to a pbr. just SAYIN’!

  2. Ariel Dovas says:

    I wear tiny hooded sweatshirts, so I’m almost there!

  3. manny says:

    No one can question BRAH’s world renown fashion expertise

  4. GG says:

    Thanggod my tiny ironic t-shirts are totally kosher.

  5. Trixie says:

    Hipsters Overheard on Haight Street:

    “I don’t follow the rules of language.”

    • postrideburrito says:

      Hipsters Overheard Outside of Mission Bowling Club, discussing playing bass: “I feel I’m really talented with my creativity, but when it comes to actually playing I’m not very good.”

  6. Michael says:

    From Gothamist (1/27/12):
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Defines “Hipster” For Us All

    Hipster [hip-ster] noun, slang – Someone who kind of dresses up like an artist but they don’t actually make anything.