What’s it like to date a techie?

Mission Local reports:

“They can be very selfish,” says a blond, pretty girl with glasses and a striped T-shirt at 780 Cafe. She doesn’t want to reveal her name, which is understandable, because she’s about to fiercely criticize almost all of her past techie dates and assert that she will avoid them in the future. She knows what she’s talking about, she says; she has not only dated a handful of techies, but has also worked for a tech company.

“They have a lot of money and are very stingy all the same. They think that what they’re doing is the most important thing in the world. They schedule girlfriends the way they would schedule meetings.” She defines them as “socially awkward,” a term she is not the only one to use.

Uh-oh! (It’s not all negative though.) Read on!

Photo is of Neil D., who is not one bit selfish or stingy, but he works in tech and it’s possible he might be a bit socially awkward, but I’m not sure. Photo by C’mon Pony.

37 Responses to “What’s it like to date a techie?”

  1. Satellite says:

    i think by “techie” she actually means “guy with asperger’s” but the dividing line gets harder and harder to determine with each passing day

    • Concur says:


    • Ian says:

      yeah. I’m pretty embarrassed to work a tech company now… but I guess I’m an artist with money now, which is kind of fun. Art school left me with absolutely no idea what money is, so exchange it regularly for more liquid assets (THIS IS A SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS JOKE)

    • happy420 says:


  2. thanks says:

    i’ve seen techie-techie relationships work. the dysfunctional relationships you tend to see are the hot-girl and tech-dude matches. you get the superficial girls who would have never dated these dudes 5 years ago but are attracted to money and ambition matched up with the dudes who’ve started dating at the age of 26 and have spent most of their lives fantasizing about hot chicks. you end up with two people who are getting what they think they want but have no chemistry and nothing to say to one another.

    • Concur says:

      Yes. Quality time for these couples consists of him coding on the couch while she watches the Bachelor (true story).

  3. GG says:

    Yay! Let’s reinforce stereotypes about a huge and varied group of people to increase page views! Next up: What it’s like to date a “woman” and how it feels to live in “a city.”

    • MrEricSir says:

      ^ This * 1000.

      As a “techie,” I’d like to point out that Mission Local’s article is a waste of a perfectly good 77,741 bytes.

    • AB says:

      Pretty much. Why have a large, nuanced view of the world, when you can fit everything in such a nice little generalized box?

  4. Jacob says:

    This sounds like a lot of rubbish to me.

    I think a lot of these points are what make a relationship work in the long run. Sure, it’s cool to have tons of things in common with someone at first, but what happens when you know what the person thinks about everything that you talk about (it doesn’t take long) and all you have left to do is hash out the same conversation over and over again with your partner?

    I am a “techie” and my fiancee is one of the most non-technical people around. I like having her perspective on things and [I think] she likes having mine. I think we genuinely enjoy teaching and learning from one another and it just wouldn’t work if we were more similar.

    Sometimes, I feel like people completely overlook the things you need to have in a long-term relationship, in favor of things that are cool in the moment. Granted, this all depends on what someone is looking for (I was looking to settle down and that certainly isn’t the case for everyone), but there seems to be a lot of this kind of crap that results in people being bitter and alone, like the girl that said this:

    “They have a lot of money and are very stingy all the same. They think that what they’re doing is the most important thing in the world. They schedule girlfriends the way they would schedule meetings.”

    Sounds like someone just had a bad relationship and is blaming the other person.

  5. Poop head says:

    This article is fucking retarded. What is this, the bold italic?

    • thelaw says:

      Hahahaha yessss.

      And yeah, just the sort of dumb shit missmiss would like to.

      • Ariel Dovas says:

        “thelaw” – Your name changes, but your tiresome negativity persists. Ask yourself what you add to the conversation.

        • thelaw says:

          Hey, we haven’t had a “that bar” ad in a while, so I’d chalk that up on the positive contribution side.

    • Right on says:

      The BI is a trite (but pretty!) pile of old cliches and outdated stereotypes.

  6. scum says:


  7. GinGin says:

    I’m a Mission Woman who is also a techie. Does this mean I can’t have a fulfilling relationship with myself?

  8. Kenny Powers says:

    Oh, you think that’s funny? How ’bout I show you my balls right now and you can tell me if they shrunk, huh? No, for your information, I have full-size balls. Next question.

  9. dr love says:

    Breaking news! Office workers still viewed as squares; women nonetheless intrigued by men who can buy them dinner.

  10. sx says:

    Didn’t you all hear? “Techie” is an invasive species, like eucalyptus trees and face-huggers.

  11. disney says:

    how banal.

  12. mushmouth says:

    “they have a lot of money but are stingy”. Maybe the stinginess is how they “have a lot of money”

    • Poopoo says:

      judging from the photo above their stingyness does not extend to grooming products, glasses, and general attire. that boy looks fiiiiine!

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        You’ve got to be kidding. He looks like someone three days after they went out for Halloween as a low-budget Amish guy.

  13. Joe Wiley says:


  14. Greg says:

    But us Trekkies are just the opposite with our love and money. Live long and orgasm.

  15. stiiv says:

    Take this as an important warning, kids. Don’t date the receptionist.

    Lots of sciences are majority women these days. Figure out which ones and go find yourself a woman with a nice PhD.

    And no, you can’t talk work with them. It’ll seem bad now, but an asset later.

  16. mike says:

    so many butthurt techies

  17. ChaCha1 says:

    That cartoon is dead on. Rule of thumb…if you are not on the same page move on. Wish I had earlier.

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