In the Mission we like our burger patties infused with butter and cheese

That there is a “bacon butter burger” from Maverick, in which the beef is ground along with sticks of cold butter, so it’s all buttery — and then topped with cheese and sauce and egg. It is but one of several Mission-based burgers that Grub Street SF deemed worthy of inclusion on its 50 Best Burgers in San Francisco list.

Here’s another, an off-menu specialty at Heirloom Cafe:

What’s inside?

To make it more wine-friendly for this wine-focused restaurant, the beef is mixed with mildly stinky Epoisses cheese, making it extra-good with a lean French red. It’s an incredibly juicy, flavorful burger that taste redolently of the cheese, and less of the beef, but for that reason it’s one of the most unique burgers in town.

Butter and cheese make everything better!

[via SFist]

More off-menu secrets in the Mission:

10 Responses to “In the Mission we like our burger patties infused with butter and cheese”

  1. Hater says:

    What’s up with the five french fries? Potatoes are cheap!

    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      Those things in the bottom picture look more like mango slivers or steamed carrot sticks.

  2. scum says:

    The Maverick burger is $2 less then MBC, AND, it comes with fries.

  3. JenD says:

    Where I come from, and where this type of burger was invented, we call these Juicy Lucies. :3

  4. moderniste says:

    The sauce on the Maverick burger does not look appealing to me. What exactly is it–it looks like tartar sauce.