Rice Paper Scissors gals star in bánh mì-themed Justin Bieber parody

Rice Paper Scissors can do no wrong if you ask me. That porridge on New Year’s Day? That fried egg banh mi last Saturday night at Dear Mom? This video is no exception.

The point of all this is they’d like you to vote for them or something, but the main thing is that this video is reallllly good:

10 Responses to “Rice Paper Scissors gals star in bánh mì-themed Justin Bieber parody”

  1. womp womp says:


  2. D. Jon Moutarde says:



  3. Ok, I love the video AND their food, but I just gotta say:

    We started that whole Banh Mi + Cushman schtick, and you know this Mr. Hough!!! Don’t make me go through your archives to prove it.


    Anyway, yes, their video is better than mine. But we drank a lot of Jameson’s during the making of ours:


    Maybe we should have a banh mi Cushman parade!

    • i ate THE VERY FIRST BANH MI you served from your cart at dolores park! it was delicious, but i think you were disappointed because i gave it an A- (which, btw, was only so there would be room for improvement!).

  4. Lover says:

    Right in the heart of The Mission!

  5. Lover says:


  6. scum says:

    oh god the singing is wonderful.

  7. Adam says:

    I had the pleasure of designing a couple of posters for their events, and this video confirms what I already suspected. These girls are certified marketing geniuses.

  8. Skeptical says:

    They’re hot and they know how to make a killer Banh Mi?

    I’m kind of in love with these girls.