LCD Soundsystem movie and pre-party reminder (and a little LCD Soundsystem flashback)

Such lovely posters! The yellow one will be for sale at the screening tonight, fyi.

Now let’s have a little flashback to another time LCD Soundsystem made Mission Mission. It was Treasure Island Music Festival 2010, the band was on tour behind “This Is Happening,” and it was real cold out:

“I’m used to there being a partially nude man next to me on stage,” Murphy says, referring to drummer Pat Mahoney’s penchant for short shorts. Last night on Treasure Island, where it was cold as grim death, Mahoney wore jeans, to the chagrin of short-shorts fans the island over.

Read on for more on the show and a pic of Murphy gesturing at a fully clothed Mahoney.

More importantly, tonight the LCD Soundsystem movie Shut Up and Play the Hits screens again at the Roxie, 11pm. And there’s yet another pre-party too, beginning at 9pm at Dalva. THERE WILL BE DANCING IN THE AISLES.

Also, SFist made a big nice post about all of this, so you might want to get advance tickets.

Finally, if you’re like me and having a hard time waking up right now, this is dedicated to you:

Thanks, Matt!

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