Groger’s Western Store is apparently open for business

After 15-something years of sitting there just collecting wheatpastes on its facade, it’s open — as a western store. But apparently all they have in stock is ’80s and ’90s western wear, so expect a lot of acid wash. Anyway, hurray!

(Thanks to Heather for the initial report, I think, and to Jess H. for reminding me.)

9 Responses to “Groger’s Western Store is apparently open for business”

  1. timbo says:

    For real? Is this a cruel joke? Don’t play with me.

  2. PN says:

    We walked through there Sunday afternoon when we saw it was open. They had a bunch of deadstock boots that were covered in mold. The lady I spoke to said she is the owner. I asked if she was planning on selling and she said no. They are planning on refurbishing and putting it up for lease. The place is huge, but needs a lot of work. You can see through all of the walls. You can also catch a glimpse of their outdoor space if you walk down the alley behind it. Lots of old cash registers were sitting around. I want Pi Bar to move in there.

  3. cTo says:

    Yeah I wandered in there mostly to see the space (which I had been peering through the windows to check out for a couple years now). HUGE space, with a couple “showroom” areas up front, some office areas and a small kitchen in back, a big back lot/pad, and a GINORMOUS garage on the left side that seems to extend the entire length of the lot.

    Needs SERIOUS work though. All of it was exposed beams and studs and they did not look like they were in great shape. It’s a really cool space, though, I hope someone refurbishes it instead of tearing it down.

  4. Mission mom says:

    It’s an Historic livery stable. Good luck doing work on that building.

  5. David says:

    I heard a new restaurant was going to be moving into that space called Old Cowboy Hats and Stained Glass Windows.

  6. Apparently the owners are religious and don’t want to do anything involving alcohol. #somuchforthebeergarden

  7. Chris Doyle says:

    Apparently, that papyrus fragment recently discovered was actually some of Jesus’ home brew triple IPA recipes. Wheat glue the fragment to the door so they see it if you get a chance.