Say goodbye to Kelly Malone in style at Speakeasy this Saturday!

When people ask me to describe what the embodiment of a true San Franciscan would be, I simply point to Kelly Malone, whose contributions to the community through such institutions as Indiemart and Workshop SF have provided opportunities for all sorts of local artists and designers to find success in honing their craft.  Which makes it especially difficult to come to terms with the fact that she’s leaving the city!

But have no fear; she’ll be back eventually, and in typical fashion, she’s going out with one last bang:

So, Speakeasy and a ton of generous folks are helping us throw back to swamp jugs and old timey magic throughout Speakeasy’s Brewery and you can also hang in the taproom that we just built out (hence the theme) Here is what we’ve got in store:

- Speakeasy Beers, 100% of sales donated at Brewery bar & portion in Taproom
- DJ Sarah Delush, Malila Young & The Toursit!
- DIY Carnie Games & strong man challenge
- Skeeball, ping pong, cornhole
- MOBILE Kissing booth- feel free to wear it and hustle. Or
smooch me up in there please:)
- Epic raffle & booth of rad goodies, pretty wares, jewelry for
- Photobooth by Orange photography
- Pretty Parlor & beauty folks doing Prohibition styling, mustache waxes & beard trims so you look the part
- Nails by the awesome Party Nails!
- Tattooed Lady (temp) tattoo booth thanks to Tattly
- Carnie food booths from: Southpaw BBQ, The Voodoo Van, The Galley, McVickers Pickles, Black Jet Bakery, Batch Baking, cotton candy & more
- Bands: Hungry Skinny
- Babes everywhere! I think like 20 couples now have met at parties ive thrown, one getting married this year. As well as endless shameful hookups. I hope this brings more.

So toss on your best 20′s gear…fancy or swamp jug & overalls! Hug and smooch the shit outta me before I go. Come out and have a blast! Im hoping to come back in the Summer at some point if all goes well♥

Rumor has it there may also be a booth where you can throw pies in the faces of some of your most-hated local bloggers to repay us for all of the terrible posts we’ve ever written!  Check out ALL of the details here.

[Photo by Myleen Hollero]

29 Responses to “Say goodbye to Kelly Malone in style at Speakeasy this Saturday!”

  1. Velouria says:

    This girl is a grade-A cunt. I have heard as much from several artists who have suffered under her incredible mismanagement and nasty, self-absorbed attitude.

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      Super sucks that you would use that name to post anonymous/cowardly attacks on the internet.

    • tuffy says:

      And yet 1,000s absolutely love and adore her! Do the math; seems like a success story to me!

    • scum says:

      Has she ever done anything personally to you?

    • sarahd says:

      you’re an idiot.

    • andrew says:

      As an artist who has worked with her I have no complaints. Kelly = Rad

    • Tex D says:

      Oh Velouria, of course your comment does not really deserve our response energy, but your use of the word cunt compels me.

      How many more times do I have to read the word cunt to describe women? It’s getting so old and sets us all back as a society.

      Let’s face facts; some people like some people, some people don’t like some people. And some people…use public forums like this to share those likes and dislikes. (Why? Perhaps expressing feelings via true face-to-face human interaction is out of vogue?) Then there are those, like you Velouria, too cowardly to use your real name (nice touch) who go beyond expressing a simple dislike, all the way out to “C” land. Come back Velouria. Come back to the light. It’s really nice here.

      Kelly has so many admirers. She has pushed forward to achieve some pretty impressive accomplishments, even in the midst of dealing with personal struggles of her own. Have you been to Indie Mart? The artists, the musicians, the things that make SF special. It’s inspiring just to be around all those people who are together because of the efforts of people like Kelly and all the others who worked hard to make something nice happen.

      I do have 1 complaint about Kelly; she makes me a feel like a lazy person who is not living up to my potential. But that’s on me to fix, not Kelly.

      Velouria, I’m giving you a big giant Fozzy Bear cyber hug right now to squeeze in some love and squeeze out the anger that drives you mad enough to use words like cunt to describe a woman as awesome as Kelly.

    • Amy Law says:

      It’s too bad that you are willing to call someone the c-word from things you’ve heard about her, rather than working with her yourself.

      If you had the pleasure to work wit her, you’d find that she is incredibly talented, warm and a joy to work with.

    • Wondering says:

      Wondering if any of you has actually visited Kelly Malone in the hospital? As another person mentioned below, I can remember her holding fundraisers for her cancer treatments for at least four years now. Just wondering if any of you who know her and have worked with her have ever met her doctors or gone with her to chemotherapy? I ask this as someone who’s donated money to her many times…

    • Katrina says:

      wow u seriously have a hateful personality. Wrong choice of words because in the end you sound like a crazy person.

      First change your attitude then surround yourself with people who love you and then the world will open up to you.

      I have never met Kelly and will attend her workshop tonight and I am sure she will be great

  2. Rob says:

    In Bayview, aka, the new Oakland.

    • Bret A. Saurus says:

      Go up on the hill above and behind Speakeasy (Middle Point Road) and enjoy a pretty sweet view of SF. It’s better than Oakland.

  3. scum says:

    I have hung out with Kelly a few times and she was always really cool. Take care, and I hope to see you again Kelly.

  4. gigit says:

    Kelly is pretty super rad. I’m really sad to see her leave but I figure it’s the best for her has a person. Still, sad face for me.

  5. Melissa says:

    I’ve worked with Kelly as an artist at IndieMart and she has always been great and a super positive force in the Bay Area. She will leave a big hole in the SF creative community. I wish her all the best!

  6. We here at Warholian love Kelly Malone and have watched her play a large role in supporting the San Francisco arts community. We wish her a speedy healing and hope she returns someday soon! <3<3<3

  7. mickey d says:

    Wouldn’t bother chiming in, but on train and bored outta my skull. A) Zero issue with calling someone a cunt…man, woman, child or my dog. Okay, maybe not child…unless they REALLY asked for it. B) Ms. Malone can be a handful sometimes, but I love that woman dearly. That being said, I have zero issues with someone having feelings on the complete other end of the spectrum. When in the public eye, you are bound to have haters…especially when youare as driven, awesome, cute, boisterous n rad as Kelly. When posted somewhere like here, just seems like childish name calling. C) I, too, am a grade-a cunt, so maybe Kelly is actually just in good company.
    Man…typing on phone is hard w my fat fingers, so this took up a ton of time and I am now nearing my stop. adios

    • Stu says:

      Thank you for chiming in with your worldly opinion. Nice to know that you “wouldn’t bother chiming in” normally. Tell us how you feel about the N word next time you are bored on a train please.

  8. Grade a cunt says:

    Wow thanks for the props everyone. Velouria- I’m human. I fuck up. I’m sure I’ve fucked up on artists before and def made mistakes but always happy to work em out or fix em if people talk to me about it over just internet comments. not everyone can like you and like anyone- i def probably have earned some enemies and lost some friends here. No hating needed everyone. I was stoked someone finally said something not nice for once. I’m flattered anyone even gives a shit and that some people support me;)

  9. Grade a cunt says:

    Mickey! You called me cute. Love u.

  10. Laureano says:

    I’m not gonna say Kelly’s perfect cause she’s not. I’ve had my differences with her and at times, while I would never use the C word, I’ve provably called her other things under my breath. Yet for every time I’ve been frustrated by her there’s been a ton of other times were she has done amazing stuff to help and nurture me as a designer. You can say what you’d like about her but there’s not one other person in the Bay Area who champions designers and makers of stuff like she does. She’s given people a venue to sell and try and make a living doing what they love. Also, if you’re gonna shit talk, at least have the balls to not do it annonimously. And lastly, Kelly, if you don’t make “Kelly Malone is a grade-A cunt” Tshirts and sell them, then you truly are a cunt. I’ll put the money up and all proceeds can go to you’re hospital bills!

  11. Concerned says:

    Hs anyone actually visited Kelly Malone at the hospital? Has anyone met her nurses or doctors? Has anyone actually seen her get any of the chemo treatments that the city of San Francisco has been paying for through numerous fundraisers for years? Kelly has also allegedly been the victim of many heinous crimes over the years? Has anyone ever read a news story about them?

  12. malcolm says:

    I have to agree with the other 3 not drinking the kool aid. I remember one of many fundraisers supposedly to help raise funds for cancer where everyone, including k.m., was drinking like a fish and smoking like chimneys. There’s nothing badass about that. You fight cancer or you don’t. You don’t dare it to kill you by adding to the stress on your system with constant booze and cigarettes while also begging to raise funds for your bills. As a former indie mart artist, I can say that Kelly took advantage of us and had some pretty sheisty friends who sometimes stole from us. She was a business woman is what we all told ourselves. Lastly, she repeatedly stole images from other artists including Ashley G and passed the off as her own. Ashley G is now super famous, working with global companies and didn’t want to be mean about it but she knows.