Catfish po’boy at the Galley

Right now:

[via The Galley]

16 Responses to “Catfish po’boy at the Galley”

  1. moto-waki says:

    looks like burger king.

  2. SKANDAL says:

    But BK doesn’t use bottom-feeder fish and charge $10.

    • timbo says:

      You’re right! BK uses…I don’t know, really. Because they don’t even know. It’s a white fish. Or, really, chopped and reformed pieces of many different species of white fish. That’s all you need to know.

      Clearly you’ve never had this sandwich, because it’s killer. And what the hell do you want a fish po’boy to be made of? Some fancy shit? Get that outta here. If you’re making a fish po’boy, catfish is the only acceptable filling except grouper. And believe me, you wouldn’t like the price of a grouper po’boy out here on the West Coast.

    • COMG in absentia says:

      timbo knows the po’boy. timbo owns yo’ass.

      On the other hand, is it really entirely appropriate to be DOING a traditional po’boy (and calling it that) in San Francisco? The only “poor boys” here are eating tacos or ramen or BK. A real po’boy in Frisco just comes off as one more imported, pricey, novelty food.

      The original SF po’boy (not called that) was probably Monterey sardines (which you can’t get anymore) on a sourdough roll. ME HUNGRY!

  3. Sammy T says:

    Po’Boys is a Gulf jawn – this here is another goormay sando for the IPO-tards on the Longbusses. I cannot stand foodyism. It’s fine to eat all kinds of interesting foods, but IT’S NOT A LIFESTYLE.

    • kiya says:

      “this here is another goormay sando for the IPO-tards on the Longbusses”
      -best MissionMission comment in a long while

    • timbo says:

      Clever phrasing aside, what’s your premise? That foods that originate in one location or regions cannot be made elsewhere? That Phat Philly and every Vietnamese restaurant in town should close? The Galley’s food is good, to be sure, but it’s a stretch to call it gourmet. It’s a goddamn catfish po’boy. The foodie/gourmet version would: (1) either not be made with catfish (which, as discussed above, would be just wrong) or made with locally-sourced, line caught catfish; (2) include heirloom tomatoes; (3) replace mayo with some fancy remoulade; (4) be on Tartine bread; and (5) tout all these things on the paper menu that changes daily.

      This is not that. You’re confused.

      • Sammy T says:

        Hey I admit it, I’m bitter that Po’ folx can’t afford a hip sando no mo’. The real Po Boy is on the Dollar Menu these days and comes with a one piece molded plastic chairtable. I’ve spent plenty of time in the Crescent City eating industrial po boys in Jefferson, and yes they are expensive there, too. Just a lot less pretense. Also, I’m not down on The Galley either – more power to em…..just so sick of foodies. Just eat.

        • Sfnola says:

          So sick of people who are into music. Just listen to whatever. And all you folks into art, what the fuck? Just look at whatever is in front of you. And do you really need to seek out interesting movies or plays? And clothes…jeez. You have to have a style?

          I mean, come on, why are people into anything?

  4. MissionAnal says:

    This is why you’re fat.

  5. Bob Dole says:

    $10 for that? Jesus some of you tech-tards are out of your twittering minds.

    • AC says:

      Some of you homers need to get out more…..$10 for a po’ boy? You realize they’re roughly $8+ in NOLA, right? No, no, you don’t because you haven’t left the city in 20 years….

      • AC says:

        ALso, my comment is in defense for a $10 catfish po’ boy. Cause guess what? It ain’t too far off from what they charge in New Orleans, you know a city where COL is muuuuuch cheaper and catfish is plentiful.

      • tuffy says:

        Except an $8 po’boy in NOLA is three times the size and comes with a mess of sides.