Out with Blockbuster, in with Smashburger

This is the former Blockbuster at the Potrero Center, by Safeway and Petco (and above the Boston Market from my “Class warfare and McDonald’s” story). It’s gonna be a Smashburger, a slightly fancy burger chain that serves beer and wine! Here’s the deal, according to Wikipedia:

Smashburger is an American chain of fast casual burger restaurants that originated in Denver, Colorado.[1] The name comes from the process used to cook burgers, which entails smashing a ball of ground beef on a grill to “sear in the juices.”[2]


Smashburger was founded in 2007 by Tom Ryan, a veteran of fast food chains including Quiznos, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Long John Silver’s. At Pizza Hut he introduced the company’s thin crust pizza, and while at Mcdonald’s he started the McGriddles, and the McFlurry.[citation needed]


Smashburger describes its mission as “to be every city’s favorite place for burgers.” In Denver, the alternative-weekly Westword named it the best locally owned chain for 2008.[6] Later that year, Denver Magazine named it “Most Likely to Succeed” and local ABC affiliate KMGH/Channel 7 touted it as the “best burger” on its “A List.”[7]

Sounds alright! Read on for more.

P.S. A few weeks back, Inside Scoop reported that this outpost is just one piece of a big Bay Area takeover.

27 Responses to “Out with Blockbuster, in with Smashburger”

  1. Burger Fan says:

    All you want to know about Smashburger. Except why San Francisco needs another place to get a good hamburger.

  2. commentariatsays says:


  3. Topian says:

    The mastermind behind the McGriddles?

  4. David says:

    So, they’re opening up a chain restaurant literally two doors down from locally owned Burgermeister? (http://www.burgermeistersf.com/) How does that “Sounds alright!”

    • David says:

      Disregard last comment, wrong Blockbuster.

      • Jim Richards says:

        I was thinking it was that Blockbuster at first too! But this smashburger is in a stupid shopping center. It actually does sound alright compared to the other businesses in that center.

    • the guy says:

      Burgermeister would be so rad if they were a dollar cheaper(maybe two) across the board.

      • kiya says:

        Burgermeister would be rad if they could cook a burger anything other than medium well.

      • truth says:

        burgermeister is a cool concept. unfortunately they suffer from crappy tasting burgers at high prices. zeitgeist is the best bet for a burger in that area.

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          Holy Grill isn’t too far (though in the opposite direction from Zeitgeist), and their burgers are excellent.

          • truth says:

            isn’t holy grill in SOMA?

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            Yeah, probably. Sorta on the cusp of SOMA and the design district. About five minute walk from the Potrero center where they’re putting in the smashburger, I guess?

  5. MOAR_FOODZ says:

    Seals Stadium down the 1st base line!
    Free base and lines!

    foodie O.D.

  6. Ivy says:

    Was it the Quizno’s experience or the Long John Silver’s that made you say this sounds “all right”? So, dude who brought suburban people thin crust cardboard pizza made from soybean oil and (I don’t know what else – dog food?) opens another chain outlet next to a Noah’s Bagels, and I would go there for what purpose? I’m so confused!(For the record, I give zero fucks about every restaurant opening on Valencia Street, but I think I might give negative fucks about chain restaurants and shopping centers!)

    • SlideSF says:

      And so who exactly is making you read AND post on this blog about things about which you give zero or negative fucks? Or do negative fucks require a comment somehow?

  7. Taco Bellringer says:

    In 1973, Taco Bell sold a Burrito for 29 cents. 29 Cents. Burrito. Whatchu know about that?

  8. scum says:

    I can’t wait till Chipotle opens on Castro.

  9. bellpeppernostrils says:

    burgers are the new pizza in that the mission does not need another pizza place. the mission does not need another burger place. konnenburger just opened.

    how about a new fried chicken place (black people will love it, white liberals will love the fact that a few black people come to the hood….not too many, just enough to fill up that liberal tank to the top). lets call it CHICKONLICIOUS or NUGGET IS YOU CRAZY? or NUGGET PLEASE or THE COCK HOUSE

    or how about an organic CSA vegan spot that focuses on bringing the best heirloom tofu and artisan legumes to consumers?( white people will love it, black liberals will love the fact that a few white people finally got down for the cause (a lot of black people are secretly vegan)…) lets call the place

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