Bike turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving from Mission Bicycle, via SF Bicycle Coalition on Twitter.

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  1. margiepine says:

    everyone involved with MISSION bikes…literally eat shit in their waking dreams.

    laughable that they actually consider themselves bike builders?….really.

    the facebook/google/twitter guy buying his bike, reminds me of my grandmother the first time i saw her pump her own gas while the attendant showed her. i bet he didn’t even ask how much all the bells and whistles were, just plunked down his amex card and then realizing he needed a helmet, a lock, light, shoes and gloves.

    and they oppose jack spade? if jack spade store went through do you know how many of their customers would be wearing jack spade head to toe?

  2. Greg says:

    It is nice to see something so trivial can ruin someone’s life.

  3. margiepine says:

    the ruin of a working class neighborhood that people were born in raised in is trivial?

    @ Greg please expound on the last topic that you found not trivial and you actually discussed/commented on. diversifying your portfolio doesn’t count.

    i understand why people are all for gentrifying the mission and love they can now safely spend their disposable income all the way from 16th st to 24th on valencia on all their insatiable bottomless needs desire but….

    why cant you unwderstand that their are others who cringe, not out of jealously but out of sadness.

    • troll says:

      are you a member of the underground anti-gentrification collective?!?

    • Valenchia says:

      If you can’t understand why people think you are jealous, please re-read your first post now that you are sober. You come across as petty, hate-filled douche-bag. And a not very smart one at that.

  4. Emo says:

    What is with the crazy, NIMBY, anti-everything crowd and their inability to use correct spelling and grammar?

  5. Emo says:

    Bike Turkey was funny. Thank you Mission Bicycle.

  6. heyballsack says:

    MarketingMarketing strikes again

  7. margiepine says:

    no one ever replies with an actual counterpoint, just insults and moot comments.

    any posters above even know how out spoken mission bikes was against jack spade opening? you can’t see the irony in that fact?

    and no one else thought the people in the video were beyond pretentious?
    going on and on about choice and DESIGN, hello! they are literally just selling the same bike and components in different colors and putting it together. again i don’t think a single poster on this thread has any clue about fixed gear or bike culture/history in SF.

    without ignorant, deep pocketed customers they would close in a week.

    can i actually get a thoughtful response?

    • Saul Minimum says:

      This is not germaine to the discourse, but the cops pulled my friend over the other day !BLURP! and asked that he prove the bike had a brake. Be careful out there kids.

  8. Emo says:

    I guess margiepine missed my thoughtful response about the bad grammar and spelling…..

  9. margiepine says:

    @ emo

    not a surprise that you obviously had an opportunity for a better education than myself. but here you are emo…the best you can do is only point out my errors in grammar and spelling.

    you continue to support my points by your actions.

    the Mission is not what it is because of people like you , but because of people with soul/heart that actually care about their neighbors enough to build a community.

    time will show you what community means to the new techies/wealthy that are taking over. it will be as appealing as a fancy walnut creek strip mall.

    once again > lets see if you can see past my poor grammar to actually reply with an original thought.

    • Nick Pal says:

      Sorry to throw another landmine in an already trolly thread, but it continually astounds me that people speak from a place of having “soul/heart” without ever analyzing that idea. How do I know you have soul/heart? How do you know? How do you know that you are a good judge of soul/heart? What if you’re wrong? What if it turns out you don’t actually care that much about your community, and you’re more interested in tearing people down and dividing people, many of whom may not actually be that different? Note: I have no position on Mission Bicycle because I like coasting.

  10. Emo says:

    Maybe we should focus more on how we agree, and less on how we disagree.

    I think we can both agree that one should always use a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence.

    Emo is my nickname; my real name is Emory. You can see me, my actual picture, on the Jack Spade thread, and you can clearly see I am not a techie. Techies don’t wear jockstraps. And I’m not wealthy. I’m just a politically motivated, slutty fag who is handy with iron-on letters.

    And I think we can both agree that people in this town need a better sense of humor.

  11. Jefferson McCarley says:

    Hi Margiepine

    First, thanks for watching our videos!

    I’d be happy to meet with you personally and give you a tour of the Mission Bicycle Company.

    If your curious, I’ll share with you, who our customers really are. Where our bikes are really built (the answer might surprise you). How customizable are they really (what we can do, what we can’t do)? Who do we think we are for opposing Jack Spade (Spoiler Alert: it might be less ironic than you think)?

    Please do consider stopping in to meet with me. Let me arm you with some juicy facts so that your messages here have more credibility.

    Mission Bicycle Company is not a big anonymous, faceless corporation. It’s run by and made up of people who – like you – care deeply about our neighborhood. Let’s meet. Face to face and have a thoughtful discussion.


  12. margiepine says:


    we have already met.

    i was probably one of the first people to walk into your store soon after you opened.

    sorry to disappoint, but i had the same reaction walking into your store as the first time i saw a fake vintage/distressed t-shirt in every size at urban outfitters… the feeling was slight nausea.

    are oury grips, deep v wheels, chains in different colors what you meant by “stunningly distinct” on your website? are you for real?

    to anyone reading this thread here are some juicy facts:

    fixed gear/single speeds bicycles have been around forever. these bikes were popularized as daily rides by bicycle messengers (btw are the poster children for the working poor). SF hipsters took to them for the aesthetic appeal/affordability/fun and began riding/building up there own.

    please note these are not the hipsters of today, but the artists/bike messengers/musicians/students/politicos/ anarchists that made the mission “cool” in the first place. and ironically, for the most part they have all moved away by choice or have been forced out due to ridiculous rents.

    the owners of MISSION bikes saw that they could build these bikes and sell them to the masses ie: you lemmings. the “stunningly distinct” bicycles you are buying today are an exact copy, including the components, of the bikes the messengers rode 10 years ago.

    all they did was get to the suppliers, build a website/hip storefront allowing you choose the colors.

    also jefferson, i never said you are anonymous, faceless cooperation. i saw who you are/what you look like/what you have to say on your videos and again > you are a pretentious, delusional person that i have no interest meeting face to face. you are not steve jobs, you are the guy at the mall selling the bart simpson iphone covers.

    when fixies/single speeds are no longer the flavor of the day, your shop will go away because in no way are you a bike shop or creative by any stretch of the imagination. this city already has amazing, dedicated shops that serve all aspects of bike culture. not to worry, i am sure you will land on your feet and move onto another business altogether. how about artisan shoelaces?

    jefferson, i pass at your offer to meet in person. but I may reconsider if you are an honest enough person to share with everyone on this thread your average %/$ profit margin on one of your stunningly distinct bicycles.

    thanks, but i will not take my answers off the air

    • troll says:

      LOL – looks like someone’s just mad they didn’t come up with the idea first. Asking for profit margins so you can open your own storefront?

      Still waiting for some points, and maybe you’ll get some counterpoints. You’re saying “counterculter” trends become commodified after they are known? YOU DON’T SAY?!?

    • heyballsack says:

      Hi Margie,

      You may have read my comments on this blog. They’re usually fairly left, anti-capitalist, etc. You may have seen a comment of mine on this very post making fun of this site’s constant marketing based posts. The point is, I’m sensitive to the issues you’re raising.

      However, it seems like your main problem rests with the fact that you had a negative interaction with the store owner/staff and you’re upset that people who you perceive lack credibility/authenticity are allowed to sell something you believe has been stripped of its authenticity to the general consumer public (for prices you believe are inflated).

      However, your general stance cannot truly be differentiated from that against which you rail. Your stance is predicated on the idea that there is such a thing as authenticity in consumer choices. Quite simply, there is no such thing as a truly authentic consumer choice that can be reached through acquiring a certain type of good or service cannot truly be differentiated from any other consumer choice. If we believe that any buying pattern or pattern of ownership makes someone “cool” or “authentic,” we’re playing the same game you’re accusing Mission Bicycles of playing: purchasing or owning something can give, or reaffirm, a desired identity. When counter-cultures or alternative cultures go mainstream there’s always this type of lamentation because before it took more time and effort to achieve a desired look or identity. Now Mission Bicycles has made it easier. That difference still doesn’t make the fact that it cost more time, energy, knowledge to get into fixies a decade ago inherently better than what it takes now- they’re both consumer oriented perspectives that support the idea that owning something can make someone better than someone else.

      Mission Bicycles is a local business. They encourage people to ride bicycles. How can you possibly have an issue with that given that you are either a messenger, former messenger or associate yourself with that scene?

      • margiepine says:

        @ heyballsack i follow your logic and points, but i feel you may have missed mine.
        rewatch the video on mission bikes website. does what the owners talk about have anything to do with what their sho is and stands for?

        i still feel they come across as completley prententious, blowhards that opitimise what the mission has become.

    • Leary says:


  13. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    That’s a cute turkey, even if it is made out of parts of silly fixies.

  14. m says:

    Margie, I’m with you but your outrage is at least a decade late. You’re preaching to a Look-At-Me crowd who can’t get enough of soul dance nights but couldn’t care less about soul 45 bins.