Classic Bay Area punk rock

My friend Adam (aka DJ Trigger Cut) is doing his monthly punk happy hour at the Knockout tonight. It’s always tons of fun, but this time there’s a little controversy:

In the grand tradition of other terrors like Harry Potter and nipples, we’ve been censored! Thus, this place is no longer fucked (shhh… look the other way). In it’s place, Hickey’s love anthem. “Hey cutie pie, it’ll be alright.”

Classic Bay Area punk w/ DJ Trigger Cut!

The forecast says we’re all in for a long-overdue downpour of Lookout goodness. Blatz just played for the first time in forever and it needs to be celebrated. Plus, I’m bringing a whole pile of MTX and Ghoulies 7″s that aren’t going to play themselves. Screw 32, Dead and Gone, Fleshies, yada yada yada, come drink with me and enjoy the sounds of the good ol’ days! And Hickey. Always Hickey.

Plus Beth behind the bar!

It used to be called “This Place Is Fucked” after the line in “Journey to the End of the East Bay,” so I’m assuming Adam got a cease-and-desist from Rancid :(

RSVP and invite your friends!

Here’s “Hey Cutie Pie”:

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  1. This Hickey song wets my britches every time.