Meter maids don’t care if your benevolent neighbor absolves your terrible parking


Our classy neighbors are back to doling out second chances again, despite some folks’ continued insistence on parking like jackasses:


However, our crafty city street patrollers could care less about altruism:



23 Responses to “Meter maids don’t care if your benevolent neighbor absolves your terrible parking”

  1. of course says:

    A blog that once covered underground punk shows is now a place for advertising overpriced bagels flown in from the East Coast (super environmentally friendly, amirite?) and complaining about parking.

  2. mushmouth says:

    Even the ticket is being benevolent. If you are really annoyed you have the thing towed.

  3. OJ_Jurer says:

    Most likely the other neighbor called or it was for street cleaning ticket etc.

    The city will not ticket you for blocking a residential driveway…it could be your driveway or have permission.

  4. Lance Ito says:


    This month, I got a $100 for “blocking” or encroaching upon the neighbor’s driveway.

    it was at 630pm up in Twin Peaks, never is there parking enforcement at this time, except if someone calls them. is the so-called driveway blocking in question.

  5. Just the Facts says:

    Per the MTA, at a driveway that does not have an official red MTA paint job, if a car is extending over the top of the curb cut, it is towable. That is, the driveway starts at the high side of the transition from curb to driveway.

  6. Just the Facts says:

    And this one is just stupid: it’s actually illegal in California to block your own driveway. Got that one wrong on my drivers license renewal test because it seemed so counter-intuitive.

    • scum says:

      Not in S.F….Q: Can I parallel park my own car in the curb cut across my driveway?
      A: It is legal to park parallel across your driveway as long as you are not obstructing the sidewalk per the Traffic Code Section 1004 which states: “The owner or lessee of property shall be permitted to park the owner’s or lessee’s vehicle across the private driveway of said property, provided that such vehicle displays a valid license plate registered to the address of that property with the Department of Motor Vehicles, and provided that such driveway serves no more than two family dwelling units. This Section does not permit the parking of vehicles across sidewalks or in red zones

      • Just the Facts says:

        I love that SF’s TC§1004 conflicts with California Vehicle Code Section 22500 which states: No person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle whether attended or unattended, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a peace officer or official traffic control device, in any of the following places: (e) In front of a public or private driveway, except that a bus engaged as a common carrier, school bus, or a taxicab may stop to load or unload passengers when authorized by local authorities pursuant to an ordinance.”

        • Just the Facts says:

          Unless TC§1004 qualifies as an “official traffic control device”… LULZ!

        • Valenchia says:

          I can’t figure out why parking across your own driveway should be prohibited. Fortunately, SF won’t ticket for that and, as far as I can tell, only tickets people blocking driveways if the owners complain.

  7. El Dedo says:

    The more you drive the less intelligent you are.
    /plate of shrimp

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Where do I sign up for my smart-person Chauffeur?

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Do I just need to submit my IQ? Are they going to want my SAT scores? Diplomas?