Let’s all blow off work today, okay?


Party safe.

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16 Responses to “Let’s all blow off work today, okay?”

  1. Kim says:

    SF is now filled with dull office workers chained to their desks. Will they escape today? I doubt it.

    • m says:

      The extent of their escape – every Mission coffee shop will be filled to the brim with iMacs, company t-shirts, and spotify playlists.

      Code hard, Makers. Code hard…

      • wurple says:

        The company tshirts thing I just don’t understand…You make how much and you dress like a Target team member?

        • Bob Dole says:

          A buddy of mine who works at FB says some of the A team coders over there ($$$) dress like complete slobs. He says part of it is arrogance, and some of it has to do with the fact that some of these people care about nothing else but coding. Pretty sad either way.

        • m says:

          I get the impression that most of these people are only friends with co-workers or people who work in the same field. It’s an easy identifier for the lonely, I guess. Or a nerd status symbol…either or.

        • tim k says:

          what a shallow comment.

  2. Tuffy says:

    Does the Google Bus go to the beach?

  3. Noruko says:

    I experienced my first real encounter with one of these “brogrammers” I’ve been hearing so much about.

    I was sitting outside at ShowDogs on Market, people watching enjoying a beer and someone sitting behind me was monologuing, almost yelling at some other guy…he was going on and on for about 20 minutes non stop about “too many products”, “fire walls” ,”verification systems”and what a joke his managers “roadmap” was and his inability to “keep straight who he works for ” etc. etc.

    Finally I turn around,to get a visual and there he was in all in his glory. First, for some reason the blowhard had been standing the whole time, while the other guy was sitting. Sure enough he had a skin tight white polo on, over embellished jeans and was buffed out with a hair-gel faux hawk.

    Finally they left, he said he was already late meeting up for dinner at Bucco Di Beppo.

    It was pure unadulterated noise pollution.

  4. Pacific Standard Simon says:

    Cliché dumpster.

  5. Greg says:

    The “coders” will just continue to smile and piss on you from above. Enjoy.