Wheel of Karaoke West, like Wheel of Karaoke but with comedians!

Wheel of Karaoke sure has come a long way. Way back when it started last year, it was at the Make-Out Room and didn’t expressly involve comedians — and now it’s expanding west to Lost Weekend Video and it expressly involves comedians! The event is a week from today. Here’s the deal:

Everyone loves a great comedian, especially when they know how to cradle the delicate balance of insight and silliness, and there are fewer things in life more enjoyable than watching a group of great comedians gather to riff in-the-moment insults directed at each other.

Wheel of Karaoke West is the only show in San Francisco that involves comedians who sing, tell jokes, and give each other plenty of love taps in the process. In this new edition of the hit show “Wheel of Karaoke”, a new panel of comedians is assembled each month to practice slinging wisecracks both at the audience and each other, all the while remembering why they never cut it as a lead singer in their high school punk band. The format works as follows: each comedian takes a turn to tell their best jokes, then sings a karaoke song while performing a challenge selected by the “Wheel of Fate”. These challenges range from the frustrating, such as singing while upside down, to the absurd, like calling the would-be pop-star’s parents. After all is said and sung, the comedy panel calls forth their weapons of blunt honesty and sardonic wit to make fun of each other, while the audience grabs a drink from the bar, sits back, and lets the bellyaching begin.

July’s show features the following modern-day singing jesters:

Jesse Hett (SF Sketchfest, SJ Improv)

Matt Curry (Laughs Unlimited)

John Gallagher (Savage Henry Comedy Festival)

Aviva Siegel (SF Sketchfest)

Krista Fatka (SF Sketchfest, Redwood Comedy Festival)

and your host Brandon Garner (Wheel of Karaoke, Redwood Comedy Festival)

Enjoy it here in the Mission now, before it gets its own HBO show and moves to Los Angeles!

Oh and Mission Mission readers get a discount on tickets if you use the code MISSIONMISSION (or just use this link). Thanks, Wheel of Karaoke West!

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