UFO in the WC

What kind of ninja are you?

Toilet trouble

Didn’t read this notice til after I was *finished*, so I had to spend 10 minutes fishing my poops out one by one and transferring them to the wastepaper basket :(

San Francisco skyline – foggy bubble bath toys

Maybe they’d be rubber or something. Just a thought. Could call the set Sutro Bath Toys.

Viracocha: More than just a beautiful place to pee

…and yet, it’s no secret that the Mission’s dreamiest antiques/typewriter shop/performance space is also home to a bathroom that makes people exclaim “I would pay rent to live in there!” upon exiting, and that’s not just because they can’t afford to live anywhere else in the neighborhood anymore.

Now you can share your love for her claw-foot tub, overstuffed armchair and exquisite lighting with the world by voting for this very restroom to win the title of “America’s Best Restroom” from renowned restroom experts(?) Cintas. Check out the other nominees while you’re at it (the old Vaudeville theater in Minneapolis looks pretty sweet) but remember, civic loyalty comes first.

[photo/Pete Lee]

How the hell does this happen to a sink?

What kind of wiper are you?

Farina’s opulent bathroom is a good place to piss during a dire bladder moment

Asked about her favorite interesting SF bathrooms, our pal Elly offers some sage advice:

i would never set foot in FARINA except to piss in their bathroom during a dire bladder moment.  which has only happened once, and i was conflicted about even peeing in their bathroom because i see FARINA as a psychogeographic symbol of various things which have been taken from san francisco over the past 7 to 10 years. anyway, the bathroom is upstairs and it’s really opulent. [link]

I will surely keep that in mind, especially now that Dolores Park’s new bathrooms are facing delays. Anyway, here’s a peek inside:

Looks cool.

[Photo by binkitybonk]

Fun game for next time you’re peeing

Wait for it……….

Ha! Thanks, bathroom at Dalva!

Two things about this bathroom


1) It’s really fun to pee into a matrix of ice cubes! It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure at kelvin!

2) $.50 is really cheap for condoms. I wonder if they work.