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Ass advice

Aunt Bill’s disco bathroom

Aunt Bill’s “Stuff” on Valencia is one of my favorite boxes filled with junk in the Mission (and there are a lot of boxes filled with junk in the Mission). On recent visits, their stock included vintage poison bottles, purple fur coats, a R2D2-shaped beer cooler, this Jacksons record, and half a dozen Eames chairs.

They’ve just opened up a second floor of stuff, and with it, a sparkly disco ball to entertain you while you poop.

Who’s on the floor of the men’s room at Evelyn Lee?

Large Marge is.

Hand-drawn emoticon means ‘falling-down durnk’

I think. Then again I’m pretty durnk.

For poopers with elegant sensibilities

For Poopers with Elegant Sensibilities

Stalls have arrived in Dear Mom’s female bathroom!

Rejoice! No more accidental butthole peeping!

[Photos via LLL and Jess]

Bathroom wall asks the tough questions

So I went to paste in “The End,” but it’s really more of a “Riders on the Storm” morning, right?

How to keep peepers from peeping on you while you pee

Stuff some (possibly damp?) toilet paper in the keyhole:

[via Bathroom Studies, a fun new blog about local bathrooms]

Reasons you suck (according to the ladies room at Delirium)

[via Boring Postcard]