I’m too sexy for… this Bay Area Bike Share bike

Bay Area Bike Share, fresh from the catwalk, looking positively prêt-à-porter at your local Bloomingdale’s.

[via Bay Area Bike Share on Instagram]


We Built This City spotted this dude on 17th and Mission today.


The safest bicycle parking spot in the whole city

Right on the illustrious corner of 6th and Mission.  What do you think, guys?  Is it still there?

Oh shit, is it really Bike to Work Day tomorrow?

Looks like it’s arrived early this year!  Be sure to be extra cautious during your ride tomorrow since there’ll be a ton of rookie riders making their tentative first commute on our city streets, and try not to get mad when you get repeatedly cut off by clueless first-time cyclists.  After all, the ultimate goal is for everyone to eventually stop being wussies and start biking to work every day, so let’s all try to be as supportive as possible!

And if you play your cards right, you might just encounter a magical moment like this:

New York City’s bike share usage, visualized

Man, that’s awesome. I can’t wait for Bay Area Bike Share to start serving the rest of San Francisco!

[via kottke.org]

Locking your bike to the front bumper of your truck parked on the street


Doubt anyone’s going to mess with that. Of course, you’d better hope that whoever decides to park in front of you knows how to parallel park without too much trial and error.

Bike storage innovation

[via The Tens]

One way to park your bike


No u-lock, no cable, not even to secure one of the wheels to the frame. Guy was just like “Kickstand and I’m out!”

In case you’re wondering, it was still there a couple hours later…

Bike turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving from Mission Bicycle, via SF Bicycle Coalition on Twitter.

A simple, streamlined bicycle map of SF

Even though the SF bike coalition has put a ton of painstaking work into creating a thoroughly-detailed bicycle map of the city, it can appear pretty daunting to anyone glancing at it while trying to plan a riding route, and just plain overwhelming to newbie riders looking to adopt cycling as their primary means of transportation.  Fortunately, longtime cyclist Mat Kladney noticed this and decided to create a map that makes bicycling from one end of the city to the other look as simple as following a straight line:

“Need to get from Downtown to the Bernal Heights? Just follow the Blue Line,” he says. “This simplicity will re-frame the existing San Francisco bicycle lanes as the San Francisco Bicycle System and will help convince more people to saddle up and take to the streets.”

Instead of contoured lines denoting hill grade or the inclusion of every single city street, the map ends up looking like a subway system map, with popular routes like Valencia’s “Green Wave” called out.  So, the next time you’re trying to figure out the perfect route to that bike picnic at Baker Beach, just pick a color or two a ride!

[Link to map, via The Atlantic]