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Rob and Lauren, formerly of the band He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister (not actually brother/sister but yes actually husband/wife) have a new project called KOLARS. They’re stopping by Mission Bicycle Company for an intimate acoustic show tomorrow before their sold-out Independent gig on Saturday. Free beer courtesy of New Belgium Brewing.

Friday 3/18. Doors at 7:30, show at 8:00. Limited tix available online and at the door. 766 Valencia, between 18th and 19th.

1906 Earthquake: In the Mission

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If you have any curiosity, at all, about the 1906 Earthquake (especially a morbid one), the Mission District is probably the most interesting place to look. Here are the top 3 reasons history nerds should take a closer look in the Mission.


Turns out that when you fill a marsh in with sand and debris, build lavish 3 & 4 story buildings on that sand and debris, then shake the ground for half a minute, those buildings pretty much sink right down into the ground.

Sinking buildings were built over what was once lake or marsh.

Sinking buildings were built over what was once lake or marsh.

Guests on the 4th floor of the Valencia St. Hotel (top) simply stepped out of the window onto the street. Those sleeping on floors 1-3 weren’t so lucky. Most of the buildings destroyed by the earthquake were wiped out by fire. But this block of victorians on South Van Ness (below) survived 3 days of fires to become a tourist attraction.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.33.37 PM

South Van Ness between 18th & 19th.


Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.54.46 PM
The blocks in red were leveled by the fire that spread from downtown.

The fires burned out in the Mission leaving a dramatic contrast between prosperity and homelessness (just like today!), thriving commerce and total annihilation (just like today!), Victorian architecture and Edwardian. Walk down 20th street from Dolores Park to Valencia paying attention to the architecture on the North side (post 1906) vs. the south side (pre 1906).

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 6.16.42 PM

Much of the commercial hub in the Mission District survived. There weren’t many places left in the city that you could buy anything so thousands flocked to the Mission for goods and services in the days, weeks, and months after the fires.



At the corner of 20th and Church remains one of the few fire hydrants in the city that was functioning after the city’s water mains had burst. This hydrant is credited for helping stop the fire for pushing forward and is painted gold on April 18th each year.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 6.24.03 PM

Dolores was also the temporary home for some of the quarter of a million refugees (more than half of the city’s population). A handful of these Army built earthquake shacks remain in the city.


Next week Mission Bicycle Company begins hosting 1906 Earthquake bike tours which include a theatrical simulation of the 46 seconds of the earthquake, 10 stops with before and after pictures, little known stories, a few surprises, lunch and a rental bike (more info).


When great lighting and a stoic face combine to make biking on the sidewalk look cool

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What a 5am bike ride looked like this morning

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The legendary Bike Basket Pies pie bike is for sale!

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Here’s the Craigslist post in full:

I’m parting with my custom built bike. This bike and I went on a lot of rides together, to the farmer’s market, to Rainbow, delivering pies, you name it. It is a pleasure to ride and it is in really good condition.

Sadly I am leaving the country. Having shuttered my business years ago, this bike has been chilling out, unridden, for a couple years (until yesterday). So I’ve decided to sell it instead of store it.

Here are the details:

Frame & Fork: Pake c’mute, Tange 4130 Butted Cr-Mo Steel 50 cm with a custom bright red paint job

Brakeset: Shimano Deore – with an opposite set up (front brake on the right, back on the left)
Shift Levers: SRam attack – this is twisted upside down, it was more comfortable with the handlebars
Front Derailleur : none
Rear Derailleur : Shimano deore XT
Bottom Bracket: Shimano Sealed Bearing
BB Shell Width: 68 mm
Rear Cogs: 9-speed
Saddle: Soma Ta-Bo
Handlebar: Origin 8 Urban Pro
Headset: Threadless IRD Technoglide
Stem: Origin-8
Crankset: Sugino RD-2
Pedals: MKS GR-9
Toe Clips: Soma Four Gate
Toe Straps: Soma Double Straps
Rear Cassette: Shimano 9-speed
Seatpost: Generic Alloy


Hubs: Shimano 105s
Rims: Velocity Deep-V
Spokes: DT Swiss Stainless
Tires: Vittoria Zaffiro White
Grips: Oury Grips

Additionally this bike is outfitted with a Wald basket with wooden base, a ToPeak Explorer rack, a double kickstand that lifts the back wheel up (the basket is too heavy to have a leaning kickstand) and pinhead locks on the wheels and I will give the buyer the original and only key.

Plus I can throw in two orange ortlieb’s to attach to the rack.

Asking $600

Read on for lots more pics.

Now please enjoy this long list of Bike Basket Pies-related posts dating way back to 2009:

Here’s what biking to work this morning looked like

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.00.34 PM

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Try a Bay Area Bike Share bike FOR FREE this Friday

All you have to do is ask for a free code.

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Even though it doesn’t serve the Mission yet, I LOOOOOVE Bay Area Bike Share (and bike share programs in general), and I can’t wait for it to go citywide. Give it a try!

The purest form of cycling (2015)


There was a long-running gag on this blog for a long time where we’d show a picture of some wild bicycle-related thing and title it “The purest form of cycling.” Internet legend Sexpigeon started it.

We haven’t done it in a while. This is a good one I think.

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Here are a bunch more…..

The best way to recover your stolen bicycle

Our pal Zach, who you may remember as the infamous seeker of holiday romance, recently had a run-in with some local bike thieves that ended in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE:


This whole situation was (most likely) avoidable and entirely my fault. But, y’all wanted a story, so here it is.


Do you know those once-every-three-years drunks where you do something incredibly stupid and out of character?

No? Just me? OK, well, this was one of those.

After a long day of riding and racing at Quake City Rumble, I figured I’d get my party on. Been working and training hard, plus organizing the finale race, so I felt I’d earned a good tear.

Long story short, after hopping around to a few spots I left my coworker’s birthday party sometime between 2 and 3am. (I sort-of-not-really remember leaving but apparently had promised to walk my bike home)

Now, even when I’m on autopilot, I’m pretty OCD. Phone, keys, wallet – I never lose my necessities. But when I woke up at home around 8 or 9am, and looked at the spot where I keep my bike, it was empty.

Not only did I just get this thing, I’m supposed to race it at the Wolfpack Hustle Finale Crit in Austin next weekend.

Commence freaking out.


But I can’t freak out, because today is the Mountain Lion, the biggest and baddest alleycat in San Francisco. And I won it last year, which means I’m organizing it this year. This keeps me mentally occupied from dwelling on my missing bike and hating myself too much. I post a picture of the bike describing my situation, and since bike people know all too well the pain of a missing machine, it becomes shared quickly across social media.


The Mountain Lion ends and we’re hanging out at Potrero Del Sol Park. It’s about 5pm and I’m ready to tuck into a burrito when I get a call from my buddy Demi. He says his friend Eli is pretty sure he spotted my bike downtown; I get his number and give him a call.

“Yeah, your bike’s on Market near New Montgomery.”
“Are you sure it’s mine?”
I don’t believe this is happening but Eli rattles off a part list and now I’m 100% sure; plus it’s one of only 3 Heavy Pedal Axiom frames in the Bay Area.

“There’s eyes on my bike near Market and New Montgomery!” I yell.

Sardine, who is in charge of organizing this weekend’s events and is also great at shouting, hears me. “Oh shit, for real?” He turns to the crowd of racers and chillers, “ANYBODY WANT TO HELP THIS MAN GET HIS STOLEN BIKE BACK, HE’S GOING DOWNTOWN NOW!”

I start pedaling. Adam Shapiro, Brian Dooley, Carlos Balam, Matt Vanaman and possibly some others (sorry if I forget) are in hot pursuit; especially impressive because I just threw a hard-as-fuck race that these guys all finished (to the tune of almost 50 miles and 5500 feet of climbing).

I have my phone on loud for updates, and sure enough, Eli rings me every couple of minutes. I don’t like dipping through traffic while yakking on the phone but it’s sort of a necessity in this situation. The target is riding my bike around Civic Center. OK, no, now he’s at 5th and Market. So at this point it’s Dooley and I tearing down Market street.

I’m scanning the crowds and I spot my bike being walked on the sidewalk. I see Eli getting off his phone (he’s been following the thief this whole time) and pointing to the guy with my bike. He’s a big, gnarly looking white dude covered in tattoos and I get the feeling he’s been to prison at least once.

Well, Mr. Thief hops off the sidewalk and is about to mount up. I immediately flip a u-turn and box him in to the curb from the front and side, with Dooley pulling up right alongside and behind him.

I don’t remember exactly what I yelled in the heat of the moment, but it was just something gruff and direct like “Off the bike, man. That’s my ride.”

The dude very quickly dismounts and hands the bike over to me, spinning some bullshit about buying it off Craigslist this morning. I tell him I don’t want to hear it and just like that we’re off with the bike in hand, just as Matt and Carlos show up. The whole thing is over in 15 seconds.

I ghost ride my recovered whip back to my house, and invite my posse in for some shots of good bourbon and some beers. I put the bike back in its spot, and we roll back to the park for the weekend’s award ceremony.

I’ve never been so depressed and mad at myself, then so elated in less than 24 hours. Bike people are the best people when it comes to looking out for each other. I got incredibly lucky here, but I am eternally thankful to everyone who was keeping an eye out, and who came to help, and especially Demi for the tip off from Eli, who followed the thief like a total crime dog.

Btw, winter is coming.  Do you have a holiday girlfriend/boyfriend yet???

Last chance to score one of Helen Tseng’s wolfy feminist bike posters!

Helen designed these for ARTCRANK last year, and it’s about to go out of print (probably in advance of Helen’s new design for this year’s ARTCRANK), so get it while you still can.

[via Helen on Tumblr]