Liberating a stolen bike with a pedal-powered angle grinder

This is almost as rad as the time that guy tracked down the guy who stole his bike on Craigslist and traveled all the way from Portland to Seattle to set up a sting operation.  From Fossil Fool:

Stolen bike recovered in heroic fashion on Bartlett St. as members of the Rock The Bike crew pedal power their way through a U-Lock. If your bike is stolen in the Mission, mobilize your networks to get lots of eyeballs working for you, pattern matching your bike against all the ones they see. Bike thieves aren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree…

Nice work SF cyclist community!

Reports that a garbage truck struck and killed a cyclist

This morning on South Van Ness between 16th and 17th.

[via KRON 4's FB page]

UPDATE: SFist has identified the cyclist as 21 year old Dylan Mitchell.

When Kevin Bacon was a San Francisco bike messenger

Our good pal Kate reminded about this gem from 1986 that stars Kevin Bacon as a hotshot stockbroker who loses it all and becomes a bicycle messenger on the mean streets of San Francisco.  Check out the trailer to also catch a glimpse of him racing a young Lawrence Fishburne down some speedy SF hills!

Also, more people need to be doing this in front of bars:

Locking your bike to the roof of a parked forklift for maximum security

Just be glad the forklift owner didn’t show up and cruise off with your ride!

[via Lindsey]

Aqua double frame, bro

Invasive non-native aqua cycles spotted at 24th and Bartlett Attic bike lockup area. Cosmic coincidence?

How to make your own holiday wreath

Just ride your bicycle through a goddamn forest.

Still, I suppose this isn’t as bad as the last ridiculous thing that happened to my bike.

(Title inspiration from Vic)

Bicycle Film Festival invades SF all weekend

There’s an opening party on Friday, a full program of rad biking films on Saturday, and a race at GG Park on Sunday, with an afterparty at (where else?) Bender’s.

Check out all the details here, and RSVP and invite your friends here.

Bicycle bar: The best way to drink in the park today

Except for that one straight-edge guy down there.

(via Dirty Dave)

Happy π Day!

Our pal Erik decided to celebrate Pi Day with his own take on the now-famous Valentine’s Ride turned Verizon commercial for his wife Shelley, and the result is predictably awesome.  The only way this could be even better is if he traveled 3.1415626 miles to make it!

Way more romantic than a bicycle built for two


“Sure honey, I’ll give you a ride to work, and I’ll even do all the pedaling so you don’t get that cute outfit of yours all sweaty.”

If that’s not true love, I don’t even want to know what is anymore.