Bike storage innovation

[via The Tens]

One way to park your bike


No u-lock, no cable, not even to secure one of the wheels to the frame. Guy was just like “Kickstand and I’m out!”

In case you’re wondering, it was still there a couple hours later…

Bike turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving from Mission Bicycle, via SF Bicycle Coalition on Twitter.

A simple, streamlined bicycle map of SF

Even though the SF bike coalition has put a ton of painstaking work into creating a thoroughly-detailed bicycle map of the city, it can appear pretty daunting to anyone glancing at it while trying to plan a riding route, and just plain overwhelming to newbie riders looking to adopt cycling as their primary means of transportation.  Fortunately, longtime cyclist Mat Kladney noticed this and decided to create a map that makes bicycling from one end of the city to the other look as simple as following a straight line:

“Need to get from Downtown to the Bernal Heights? Just follow the Blue Line,” he says. “This simplicity will re-frame the existing San Francisco bicycle lanes as the San Francisco Bicycle System and will help convince more people to saddle up and take to the streets.”

Instead of contoured lines denoting hill grade or the inclusion of every single city street, the map ends up looking like a subway system map, with popular routes like Valencia’s “Green Wave” called out.  So, the next time you’re trying to figure out the perfect route to that bike picnic at Baker Beach, just pick a color or two a ride!

[Link to map, via The Atlantic]

Insult to injury: Help find this fire victim’s stolen bike

Ben explains his plight:

I am one of the residents displaced from my home by a fire at the restaurant Maverick a little bit ago. While most of my stuff survived the fire a little damp and smokey, in the time between the fire and when the building inspector said it was safe to return to the building to sift through our belongings, sub human scum broke into the units and took everything of value. While most of my stuff can be easily replaced the one thing that hurt the most was the theft of my beloved red bike. It’s a Surly Cross Check with the stickers removed. It has Paul brakes. In the rear there is one black brake arm and one silver one from a crash. The stem has an organic apple sticker on it that never fell off. Four years ago I used it to ride from Philadelphia PA out here to SF and it has a lot of sentimental value and I love her. I know it’s a long shot but if you guys could spread the word of this I would really appreciate it. And maybe she’ll find her way back to me.

Dia de Los Muertos bicycle gear skull


Rad! And available on a t-shirt just in time from Mission Bicycle!

Here’s what Critical Mass is looking like these days

Gotta click through to see Doc Pop’s video on Tumblr. Looks roughly similar to years past, despite everybody saying Critical Mass is over and done.

How to make a rear bike light using a front bike light and a souvenir die from Vegas

Bay Area Bike Share is coming to the Mission!!!

And there’s a meeting tomorrow night to discuss the particulars:

Bay Area Bike Share, like many bike sharing programs, is awesome. Expanding into the Mission and other neighborhoods is going to make it TOTALLY awesome.

Here’s a helpful map:

I myself can’t make it to the meeting, but as long as there are stations at Dolores Park, St. Francis Fountain and the Secret Alley, I should be okay.

Bikes, bands, booze tonight at the Rickshaw Stop

Tunes4Tubes, the annual party and fundraiser for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, is going down tonight at the Rickshaw Stop.

The lineup includes hometown funk/soul masters Con Brio and Whiskerman plus the Balkan-fusion outfit Cradle Duende and comedy from Sean Keane; silent auction items include prints and photography from SF artists and gift certificates for massages, sweet bike gear, and local food and booze. What more could you want? Stop being so demanding.

Facebook deets here.