Cool Kid Travels: I went to China and all I got was this lousy Obama tshirt, 100 pairs of "Ray-bans," and some grainy street art photos

Yeah, China was pretty fun.  Definitely not the human-rights abusing pit of despair you hear about in the news (although the internet censorship is annoying but trivially easy to subvert).  I even heard PBR referred to as “The People’s Beer,” which is just skull-fuckingly brilliant.  Also, if you are ever rolling around Hong Kong, there is a delicious vegan dim sum place on Electric rd @ Lau Sin.  The sesame fried dumplings are off the hook.

And check out a solid HK-based street art group/the best cool-kid culture blog imaginable, Start From Zero.  They even host a yearly ping-pong tournament, which should give this blog some inspiration.