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Still can’t afford the Dolores Park castle? Bummer.

You have two options: overthrow an Argentinean cocaine baron and usurp his operations, or move to Chicago, where an equivalent residence can be had for one-tenth of the cost at $750K. If you ask me, this is a better-looking church-turned single family home. Plus, less people pee on it on weekends.

Sally at Curbed SF says:

Perfect for a new owner with a god-complex, this converted church boasts 39-foot ceilings, pine flooring, a dining nook on the altar, and a gaping central nave. Furnishing that cavern in any meaningful, never mind cost-efficient, way might be quite the challenge, but there’s plenty of space—and city approval—to divvy it up into multiple units.

You do have to move to Chicago, though. I hear it’s a great city and the bridges smell like chocolate.

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