Mission Burritos Down Undah

Came across this tweet randomly, made me smile.  Sweet victory!  It seems Australians have voted San Francisco as the ultimate authority on burritos.

20 million convicts and kangaroos can’t be wrong!  Suck it, Brock!

East Coast/West Coast Graffiti Rivalry

ORFN!  From jerhodes:

21st and valencia ish. that old 'new college' building.

My friend Daniella loved ORFN more than anyone.  Then she moved to New York, and now all she gets is Dick Chicken:


Bummer.  Don’t move to New York, people, unless you want to see a CHICKEN with a DICK for a HEAD on all your trash receptacles.  Oh, and Dick Chicken’s slutty gf, Pussy Ham.  She’s a slab of HAM with a PUSSY.  Together, they make a really trashy reverse Chicken Cordon Bleu.

New York.  So gritty.