Mission Vegan: Satan worshipping

You know I meant seitan! This joke has been done a million times on a million vegan menus. Just kidding!! A million vegan menus is something that will only happen when hell freezes over. The Mission, however, is abundant with seitan-based dishes with diabolic names. So light a black candle and get your cloven hooves on these demonic, gluten-y treats:

  • The Hell Fish Taco (Dante’s Weird Fish): Seitan, avocado, and pico de gallo in a taco formation.
  • Devil Burger (St. Francis): Seitan piled on top of a vegan burger? Well, okay!
  • Satan’s Philly Cheese-fake (Bender’s): The most evil thing about this sandwich is the number cocktails I seem to accompany it with.