Smithsfits haunting the Knockout this Saturday night!

It only happens four times a year, but when the night is right and you can taste the evil in the air, you know it’s time to drink a bunch of whiskey and dance away to the Smiths and the Misfits, over and over again.  Check it out here.

And if a 10-ton truck…

See Jay Howell at Fecal Face today, then see him DJ Smithsfits at the Knockout tomorrow!

Jay left our delightful neighborhood for LA a few years ago to pursue his artistic passion by creating one of my favorite TV shows ever, the hilarious Bob’s Burgers.  Now he’s back for the weekend to show off some of the other rad stuff that been oozing from his imagination, and you can see it all for yourself tonight over at Fecal Face Gallery here in the Mission!

Not content to merely infiltrate your eyeballs, he’ll also be invading your auditory cortex the very next night along with his former partner-in-crime Josh Yule at the night they both started way back before he left:  Smithsfits at the Knockout!  And check it out, they’re giving away Smithsfits pins to the first 50 people who show up!

See you there!