Pimp my ride

Even though our vaunted Indian summer hasn’t been as spectacular as in years past, that hasn’t stopped everyone from taking their tops off.  Take these ambitious folks for instance, who optimistically decided it was time for a DIY convertible and let the sparks fly on a recent sunny Sunday afternoon.  Xzibit would be proud.

Pimp My 24th Street BART

Yo dawg, I heard you like less stabbing and lunch money stealing in your BART station so we took a 2.1 million dollar grant and removed those planter boxes.

SF Appeal reports:

On Thursday, the transit company is scheduled to accept a $2.1 million grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, as reported by the Ex. This money will go toward making the Mission district station cleaner and, they say, more secure for those that use it.

Get the full scoop at SF Appeal.