Zeitgeist Makes Esquire's 'Best Bars in America'

Esquire’s just published The Best Bars in America, and Zeitgeist scored pretty big. They call it the best bar in San Francisco, and it ranks high as any other bar in the state. More:

But there’s something at Zeitgeist that goes beyond the great food and the great beer garden. The bar seems angry. The symbols are angry. The bumper stickers are angry. But Zeitgeist is not an angry place. In fact, it is unmistakably friendly and open, even happy. At Zeitgeist, nobody’s a freak, not even the guy in the khakis and polo shirt.

I agree that it definitely is friendly, but I see people mistake it for unfriendly pretty often, so I don’t know if I’d use “unmistakably”. (via Eater SF)

Photo by Ryan Henbest

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10 Responses to “Zeitgeist Makes Esquire's 'Best Bars in America'”

  1. t says:

    “…but I see people mistake it for unfriendly pretty often…”

    Anyone that sees this place as unfriendly has some serious mental and emotional hangups and should either immediately walk out the door or drink until it passes.

  2. Junk Thief says:

    Angry is hip? Oh, don’t tell John McCain and ruin Zeitgeist with him showing up.

  3. William says:

    Crikey. As if this place isn’t full enough in the summer. Please, Esquire, hush up.

  4. Jesse! says:

    and thus, Zeitgeist is declared dead.

  5. t says:

    Well if that’s the yardstick of it’s death, perhaps it’s mention in Wired magazine and the BBC documentary that was filmed there had something to do with it – like six years ago. It’s seriously changed since that time – I lived 1/2 block down. Cell phones (read: hipster .com assholes) were barely tolerated there at the time.

  6. t says:

    lemme back that up a bit. I’m talking around 2000-2002

  7. Alexandra says:

    I am now glad that I have never been a devoted Zeigeist fan. But, what is this about them serving good food???

  8. t says:

    I haven’t eaten there in a long time, the kitchen staff has a regular turn-over, but their food has always been frickin’ amazing. BBQ! Cornbread! Burgers! Oh My!

  9. Lola Haze says:

    Those guys are so mean they make my soul cry. Angry is NOT hip.

  10. [...] Zeitgeist Makes Esquire’s Best Bars in America [...]

  11. [...] Zeitgeist Makes Esquire’s ‘Best Bars in America’ [...]

  12. Nicki says:

    I think it’s pretty easy to mistake it as unfriendly when the bar tenders and the manager verbally harass you! I once witnessed the manager tell a young female that if she “had half a brain” she could see that a practitioner was ½ closed and see that that obviously meant they weren’t selling food. Are you kidding? That asshole needs to get over himself.