Livebloggin': Doggie Dropped It

The steamiest development in stencil art.

Livebloggin': Omigod He's Got a Gun!

Face down, ass up.

Pie Fridays At The Rite Spot

I got an e-mail today from Sunde of The Rite Spot at 17th and Folsom. She used to make amazing pies there every Friday (“Pie Friday”), but ended up stopping. As a great lover of pie (incredible lover, really) I feel like I need to share this new information with the world. Pie Fridays are back.

Hi everybody!
There’s been so much demand for Pie Fridays that I thought I would start doing it once month so at least you get a chance to have your pie fix. I’m going to have Pie Fridays every second Friday of the month.

So the first official relaunch of Pie Fridays will be Sept. 11th…a sad day for our nation but a day to rejoice for pie lovers of San Francisco.


Frankenstein Bike Lane

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge if you feel like it.

Although this may not be in the Mission, it’s a goddamn Frankenstein head on a bike lane.

Saturday Morning in the Mission


Critical Mass at Ocean Beach

critical mass sunset

Everything is Everything just put up lots of gorgeous shots of the sun setting over Ocean Beach — and a gaggle of Critical Massers — on Friday. Link.

Is it true some of the team breached the perimeter of Outside Lands?


Highly Recommended: Sunset Bike Rides Out to the Beach (Especially on Days When Fires in Santa Cruz Light the Sky Up All Extra-Gnar)

One Child's Struggle with 24th St. Parking

Parking in the Mission is such a bitch

I know stealing parts off locked bicycles is all the rage these days, but taking the steering wheel off of a kid’s Little Tikes Car?  That’s just low.

(Photo by captin_nod)

Free Chicken and Biscuit on Capp St.


Now I know why my tenant agreement strictly forbids keeping wolves on the premises.

I excitedly ran over to my neighbor’s house with 537 dollars cash-money hoping to bet in a new Capp St. cockfighting ring only to discover that they are merely using them for a big chicken dinner.  Slaughtering chickens for food?  That’s just barbaric.

Previously on Mission Mission:

What Would You Do If You Had Three Hands?

Play guitar and smoke a cigarette? Um, I’ve seen Kings of Leon do that pretty expertly with two hands. Try again.

Photo by captin_nod.

Passive Aggressive Invite

Normally I don’t read anything this long on the internet, but I couldn’t stop, and you won’t be able to either. Ramona begins:

I wanted to invite you over for game night, and then I wasn’t really sure if I was going to invite you, but then I decided that I would.  I forgot your number, because I’ve been sooo busy lately, and I asked my roommate, but she didn’t have it either.  It’s like no one has your number anymore, but eventually I did find it, obviously.  Anywho, It’s gonna to be really fun.  I’m supplying the drinks and some snacks, but if you’re going to eat as much as you did over Christmas break then you should probably bring something of your own.  I’m taking some really interesting psychology classes, and I seriously think of you like every day.

Read on.