Xmas Tree Disposal Round Up '09

A fortnight ago, we were delighted by the sudden appearance of miseltoe all over the mission. This week Christmas trees are taking it to the streets. But unfortunately, this is not as fun. You can’t really make out with a stranger under one without getting covered in pine needles. They just sorta get in your way while you’re walking.

Most trees just crash out on the sidewalk like some marina transplant that had a few too many drinks before being kicked out of Kilowatt for grabbing girls. (Hey side story: I actually spent the day in the Marina yesterday and found it to be quite lovely. Great food, beautiful scenery, and Bro-douchery was minimal at best. I did hear a group of dudes refer to a really cute dog as a “panty-dropper” which sorta broke my heart a little. On the other hand, I heard some other guy on the bus use the term “warm up” for what I call “pre-party” and I’ve been using it ever since. Anyway, on to the tree):

Or some folks just let that tree crawl away itself. Look out! Conifer crossing! (Valencia & 15th)

Hey, even dead trees need some of that good ‘ol H20. Check out this guy in a stylish plastic winter coat straddling a fire hydrant. Tampering with city property just for another sip? Tsk!

This tree always had bigger dreams. Traffic safety dreams. Some might call it a hero. (22nd and Bartlett)

But I think the most creative tree disposal comes to us courtesy of 1337 h4x0r and all around swell guy Mr. Eric Sir. This tree is the perfect muni stop companion. No idle chit-chat, no seat hogging, just a pine-fresh scent while you wait.

Unfortunately, it also seems to be a piss magnet. What is it about human nature that makes it so appealing to piss next to plants?

See you next year, trees.

3 Responses to “Xmas Tree Disposal Round Up '09”

  1. chalkman says:

    nothing burns better than a dried out Xmas tree, we used to grab 20 of them and take them down to Ocean Beach for an awesome burn…..

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  3. sftomcat says:

    i like to call them christmas corpses. they look like badly wrapped bodies with that half-ass attempt at covering with a garbage bag. it’s really sad to walk down the street and see block after block of them. bye, bye christmas. hope you like the chipper.