Kind Of A Review

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a new bag company in the neighborhood, Mission Workshop. Tasked with doing some kind of a review of their backpack, I decided to . . . well, I did my best. Take a look.

In summary, the bag is expensive, at $200+ it’s more than I would think to spend on a bag. Then again it’s made and, apparently, sourced in the US. Plus, as was pointed out on the previous thread, if you only have to buy it once and it lasts, maybe it’s a solid investment.

In any case, this does seem like a great bag to take camping or on an urban hike or whatever. It’s huge and fits a ton of crap. It’s also obviously made with care and attention to detail. So if this is the kind of thing that’s important to you, this is a good buy.

I’m still uneasy with all these hip new things being named after the neighborhood . . . but I’m writing this on a blog that did it twice, so what can I really say.

7 Responses to “Kind Of A Review”

  1. Chester says:

    The coolest thing about the Vandal is how the design enables carrying oversized items — even if you prefer biking with cargo in panniers, certain things would be impossible, unless you had long-wheelbase bike with extra-mongo panniers.

    This video shows how one could load up Bike A in the Vandal while riding Bike B:

    That’s pretty sweet. Not quite sweet enough for me to drop $250 on it any time soon, but it’s definitely worth it for someone who wants to, say, load up a case of beer — or a pony keg — and ride off…

  2. i ride bikes says:

    It’s 20% off with an active SFBC membership.

  3. Chawler says:

    Dovas’ best post of the year.

  4. Phenomenal. Highly entertaining, right down to the “bonk” at the end. I’m a little scarred having seen your Hough, though.