Apocalypse fog

It’s been pretty epic lately.

[via Drew]

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  1. Katie Conry says:


  2. Alex says:

    Although I am sick to death of the words “epic” and “awesome” used to describe just about everyfuckingthing these days,(*) “awesome” was just about appropriate for that sight yesterday evening. (“Epic” still would not be the right word, however.)

    (When you call everyfuckingthing “awesome,” even the relatively mundane, what do you say when you see something like this, or the Grand Canyon, or the Sistine Chapel?)

  3. Karl the Fog says:

    Ugh. You caught me from my fat side.

  4. 49_Giants says:

    Last year, a friend from Germany crashed at my pad for two weeks. During those two weeks in the Mission, our humble little neighborhood blew his mind. How is pizza this good?! How do all these people get along?! Why, oh why, can’t I bring tortas back to Frankfurt with me?!

    One day, while walking along Mission, he looked up toward Twin Peaks and said “Oh my God!” I looked up, looked around, and turned back toward him. He said, “Oh, you must see that all the time.” I looked again.

    Yeah, the fog was just pouring in over Twin Peaks with just the crown of Sutro Tower peeking out up top. I grew up in the area my entire life, but at that moment I realized how absolutely crazy it must be to walk along on a bright, warm, sunny sidewalk and then turn to see THAT bearing down on you.

    Sometimes it takes the eyes of an outsider for you to see something again for the first time.

    • Chard Nelson says:

      Years ago, I was at an event at USF, and the woman in charge was from Oklahoma. About mid-afternoon one day, she suddenly stopped, stared out the window, and exclaimed that there must be a terrible fire nearby. We all jumped up to look, and then just started laughing and tried to explain the fog creeping down the street.

  5. chalkman says:

    Fog Tsunami