Make-Out Room gets a new sign

Finally, a real sign for the Make-Out Room, and a sparkly sequined purple one, at that! Gone is the top marquee sign, with its friendly reminder to show some lovin’ to your sweetheart.

As shown above in animated GIF glory, the sequins’ slight movements in the wind produce an impressive kinetic shimmering effect. Reminds me of the installation inside the SFO BART station entrance:

Or the backs of Alhambra water trucks:


7 Responses to “Make-Out Room gets a new sign”

  1. animaldance says:

    looks like a new year’s banner

    • moderniste says:

      Hey, cool!! I walked past that wall with a group of friends whilst tripping on shrooms. We all stopped at the same time and went “WOOOAAAHHH” and spent the better part of an hour just taking all the sparklyness in.

      It was snowing outside too–sparkly snow and sparkly wall paillettes.

  2. you're welcome says:

    Utter shite.

  3. BK says:

    Is PDA still encouraged?

  4. Brock Keeling says:


  5. TC says:

    That sign is blinding on a sunny day. Let’s hope nobody gets hurt.