The Hideout’s new cocktail menu, and pork

I honestly feel sorry for you for missing out on the unveiling of the Hideout’s new cocktail menu, complete with pop-up pork sandwiches and “white boy slaw” from Tango and Stache. The drinks were outstanding as always, and the pulled pork and spicy vinegar slaw was a total treat. The new cocktail menu is only about half new, so old favorites like the G&C (C for celery) and the Whiskey in Church are sticking around. New additions include the Fruit Cup, a crisp and refreshing Pimm’s Cup variation, and the Killer’s Lullaby, which blends gin, lemon, and hard cider for maximum tartness. More pics after the jump. 

The Fruit Cup and Killer’s Lullaby mentioned above:

The stache in question, responsible for the pork: (more on the chefs’ credentials here)

Bartenders hard at work:

and the full menu, for your reference:

8 Responses to “The Hideout’s new cocktail menu, and pork”

  1. SFKix says:

    On the first picture… is that a cocktail with a pickle?

    • Leanne Twatsky says:

      That’s not a pickle; it’s John Dillinger’s penis.

      OK, so, technically, it IS a pickle.

  2. Justin says:

    I had the Hideout Sour and I’ll have it again. I was so surprised it wasn’t at all busy at 9:30.

    • CN says:

      It was super busy between 7:30 and 9, which is when I left. I was surprised by how busy it was for a Tuesday. Now, I know why.

  3. BklynBiker says:

    I loooooove the Hideout.

    And John Dillinger’s penis.

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