2010 Winter Olympics flashback: Shaun White, Jay Reatard and a little pink guitar

I saw Shaun White on TV yesterday and it reminded me of this video we made in a hotel room in Okinawa in February 2010.

My cousin Jojo, who we’ve heard from a bunch of times before, was going to be spending 3 months exploring the Okinawan countryside, and he knew he’d be needing a guitar, so he picked out this cool pink one, and I think he wanted to make a video showing it off to friends back home. Jay Reatard has just passed away, so Jojo decided to pay tribute.

It turned out pretty epic for a poorly lit, lo-res, 2-minute YouTube video, if you ask me:

P.S. Jojo’s current band, which was formed on this same trip, is named Moe Meguro, after the beloved Japanese curling champ.

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