An album about living in the Mission from 2003 to 2013 and then moving to Oakland

Jason from local band Maus Haus wrote in to tell us about a new solo project:

i just finished a “solo” album of sorts, called Rent Control, essentially documenting my life in the mission district circa 2013 (when i wrote all the songs), shortly before relocating to west oakland.

i lived on harrison and 24th from 2003 to 2013, from age 21 to 31, and saw the neighborhood change drastically.

the record goes on personal tangents, but there are definitely some subjects of interest that your readers can relate to:

track 2 “retro city” kind of takes a look at the reinvented garage rock bandwagoneer

track 5 “life on the other side” daydreams about moving to oakland, albeit with fear

track 6 “ice cream” is about how resentful my friends and i were that humphrey slocombe moved in, bringing all these lame-os, but then we ourselves can’t resist the treats either

track 7 “in jets” quite literally tells the story of the neighborhood changing overnight, millionaires moving in, without you even realizing it, and then it’s too late.

track 8 “reasons” is an ironic spoken word meets guitar noise tirade against the new neighbors

Let’s listen:

UPDATE: They’re playing a show this weekend in the Mission! Here’s the deal…

This Sunday November 23:
J. Kick & Rent Control

(plus 3 secret bands)
AMNESIA (Valencia @ 20th)
7pm doors

14 Responses to “An album about living in the Mission from 2003 to 2013 and then moving to Oakland”

  1. troll says:

    Obligatory “he should’ve seen it before 2003″ comment.

  2. Greg says:

    Band O Bags

  3. Lars Garbage says:

    This is terrible.

  4. m says:

    is that first image of the pbr case + deer sweatshirt an image of the people leaving the mission or moving into it? hard to tell, at this point.

  5. Gates says:

    Saw them at Hemlock last weekend. Excellent show.

  6. ew77 says:

    Really good stuff. I’ve always been a fan of J. Kicks tunes in Maus Haus and enjoy the direction of this release as well. Really focused/talented guy and hell of a sound-man to boot.

  7. Sam says:

    Meh so you had to move a few bart stops away, calm down.

  8. pfffft says:

    “shortly before relocating to west oakland”

    i think he means “shortly before gentrifying west oakland”

  9. Doomy says:

    It’s absolutely gentrifiable; I’ve lived in Oakland for 5 years, West for 2, and I still feel like kind of maybe an asshole.