Tonight’s the final night at the Lex, AND the premier of a short film about the Lex

Lauren wrote in to tell us about all about it:

I realize you’ve run a few “lex is closing” posts – but we wanted to let you know about our project – part of which is a short documentary about the lex which is premiering at the San Francisco International Film Fest on April 30th, which also happens to be the last night of service at the Lex! AFTER PAAAAARTYY!! Just kidding, we will be working after the screening documenting the last night for the feature length that we are developing (by “developing”, we mean “fundraising”).

The short screens tonight at the Kabuki as part of a multifaceted program about a changing San Francisco. Get tickets and info here.

And check out the Lexington Club Archival Project for more.

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