Weird Fish is now Urban Fish

Capp Street Crap reports:

Well, this is fishier than expected. Despite plans to reopen it as a French bistro called Bistro Le Bon Vivre by summer, Dante’s Weird Fish looks to have been renamed “Urban Fish.”

Recently, a new wooden sign went up. The Urban Fish menu posted outside looks to be full of vegan and pescatarian items, including some old Weird Fish dishes and new offerings like fish sandwiches and mussels and fries.

Read on for more info and pics.

7 Responses to “Weird Fish is now Urban Fish”

  1. Greg says:


  2. igj says:

    Seem to have raised prices too…

  3. Grizzled Mission says:

    I suspect that and the related and adjacent L’Emigrante will be entirely different in a few months. Nobody ever in either of them.

  4. Grizzled Mission says:

    And geez, at least “Weird Fish” had some panache as a name.

  5. sicbro says:

    Sick use of Comic Sans on the signage.

  6. yuck says:

    Urban fish sounds like something that was caught at the mouth of a wastewater discharge site.

  7. hughjazz says:

    “We felt that ‘Black Fish’ would have made people think of sad whales.”