Sail on through the summer steady Eddie style

Hot new look for the summer – a gently worn, authentic Eddie Bauer bag. Real deal Mission District grime and good times embedded in the thread. Stop being a Chrome drone or Timbuksnoozer and get some stylee. Guaranteed to keep your booze brisk and your tacos crisp while you’re chillin at Dolo parque this summer. Nuff said!

All slices are created equal at Mission Pizza

Relatively new pie pusher Mission Pizza has finally published their menu and boy the choices are overwhelming! Three types of Mission themed pies plus a Mexican Mariachi to boot. Somehow though they’ve amazingly been able to procure all toppings at the same cost. No matter your slice, you pay the same price! The only variable in price seems to be pie size. Any theories as to this egalitarian pricing scheme?

Tonight’s the night for leather and fright

Hey all you 4/20 stoners with minimal wave boners, guess what happens tonight? Before Grace Jones butchered it, there was the original Warm Leatherette version by The Normal. Now you can relive the golden age of lo fidelity darkwave jams spanning genres from minimal wave, cold wave, synth punk, post punk, etc. Expect goths-with-good-taste and their friends at the lovely Submission space on Mission & 19th.  Tunes provided by resident wave-ologists Nihar, Justin, Jason P, Dreamweapon, and Riegler. Visuals provided by Subset. Event link here.

Warm Leatherette tonight at Sub-Mission

Warm Leatherette is back at it again this evening at Sub-Mission with very special guest dj Sereina Winters of Brave Exhibitions Berlin. Regulars Justin, Riegler, Nihar, and Jason get the dans partie started. Let loose on the  floor as cold wave, minimal synth & generally dark tunes are spun. Doors at 10 pm.

Welcome to the banh mi-ssion

The bánh mì-nification of the Mission continues, as this recent upstart at 2788 Mission Street near 24th Street BART pops up seemingly overnight. Formerly known as Mission Sub, this new Quickly USA venture aims to please, with a 3 for $10 deal. However, not everyone thinks this deal is worth going for, considering the newly opened swank Saigon sub setup at Duc Loi six blocks down Mission Street. Who will prevail in the bánh mì battle?

Beardos let loose tonight at Laszlo

Flock together with fellow hirsute homies this evening at Laszlo, as the popular monthly Beards Party now slowly morphs into the new-to-the-scene Situation dj night, which debuted a few weeks ago at 222 Hyde. Special screening of 1986 long forgotten Grace Jones bloodsucking classic, Vamp:

Lost gems from the classic underground club era will be dished out by local promoters Derek (Lost in the Night), Eug (FACE/Public Release), and Ash (Disco Horror) til 2 in the a.m. No cover. Facebook event details here. More info on what the eff “Beardo Disco” is on the internet in general and here in particular.


Del Popolo keeps on truckin’

Del Popolo, the mobile pizza party housed in a transatlantic shipping container crate was spotted recently on Flour+Water’s Instagram page. John Darsky, former Flour+Water pizza chef and Del Popolo mastermind spoke with the Tablehopper earlier this year about his upcoming “of the people” portable Neapolitan vision.

How many eggs would you like with your Osage?

Today’s filthy update brought to you as the first installment of the new DOA (Daily Osage Alley) series, previously mentioned here. Stay tuned for more daily doses of innovate couch use, mountains of banana peels, and piles of broken dice from one of the Mission’s lesser known waste strewn alleys.

Minimal electronics, dark wave and synth punk tonight at SUB-Mission

What a perfectly named venue for the Mission’s biggest cold wave/minimal wave/synth wave dance night, Warm Leatherette. Happening tonight at SUB-Mission aka the old El Balazo Gallery on Mission & 18th, djs Riegler, Justin, Jason P, Dreamweapon and Nihar promise to “play the dancier side of MINIMAL ELEKTRONICS, DARK WAVE, SYNTH PUNK and other cold and distant sounds that cause uncontrollable dance contortions.”

Most tunes were released around the years ’82 – ’86 from places like Belgium and the Netherlands, and sound sort of like this:

Party starts at 10 p.m. and admission is only $5. Staff is strict so good luck sneaking in a flask or talking your way in if you’ve forgotten your ID. Fortunately most drinks are pretty cheap since it is a bare bones punk venue.

Uranus ain’t cheap, but it does the trick in the wee hours

Stellar speller slice joint Galaxcy Pizza has begun its intergalaxctic takeover of the Mission, with their recent doorknob menu campaign leaving very few streets untouched. While no one is sure if the extra “c” is intentional, Galaxcy promises pies from our solar center to Uranus and beyond.

A quick glance at the menu and it is evident that ingredients and planets rarely align. The Neptune sort of makes sense, as he was the god of the sea (“anchovies, shrimps, green onions and fresh garlic”) but Mercury (“pesto sauce, spinach, green onions, and feta cheese (no red sauce)”) is a bit greener than one would think. Uranus is hodgepodge of uncomplimentary ingredients (“BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, bacon, and red onions”) and is tied for most expensive pie. Whether or not any planets make the cut for most heinous slice is up for debate.

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