Painted Traffic Control Boxes


EPA and around the bay has put together a great collection of painted traffic control boxes around the district.  Also, if you haven’t put EPA on your reader, get to it.


Rumormonger: Mission Loc@l has Hired a "Fashion" Writer

The Webby-Award Winning web-journalism startup, Mission Loc@l, has “hired” a “fashion writer” for this fall, according to a source.  The only details that we have is that it a female student straight out of undergrad, which is apparently rare for Berkeley J-School.  There was some speculation that this might have been a demographic hire, but we cannot confirm that at this time.

Our source adds: “The mission needs a fashion blogger like it needs a google map of bike stores

Hello, Tenderblog

There is a new neighborhood blog in town, this on hailing from the rough streets of the Tenderloin.  Meet Tenderblog.

“Yeah, it’s dirty. It’s grungy. There are people shooting up/ defecating/ begging/ sleeping accross the sidewalk/ not showering in plain daylight. There are hookers out in the open. There are dealers on the corners.”

Hell yes.  The Tenderloin is nothing but endless fodder for the chaos.  I cannot wait to see how this blog develops.