Graffiti plea

Seems to be working!

Occu∏ strikes again, all over the nice new mural that just replaced it

First this space was Occu∏’s, then a new mural went up over it, and now Occu∏ is back.

“Occupy, you’re really starting to piss me off,” says Reader Rob T., who sent us this pic, “We get the point but quit wrecking cool stuff!” Which raises the question: Does Occu∏ have anything to do with Occupy, or is this just another culture jam?

How do you feel about laws?

3-1-1 is a joke!

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Is this supposed to be a giant ‘KKK’?

Because if it is, not cool. (Or I guess it could be our pal KKR? Anyone?) Props on the height though.


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Surefire way to deter taggers

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Groger’s Western Store suffers wild robot invasion

I’ve long wondered why the incredible Groger’s Western Store near 26th and Valencia has stood empty and abandoned for all this time. Today, we may be closer to an answer.

Apparently, these wild robots are a bit of a problem in these parts.

[Last photo via potentialpast]

Who vandalized Dolores playground?

This helpful PSA popped up on the sidewalks surrounding Dolores Park recently, after Jeremy Novy allegedly vandalized the new Dolores Park playground. But I mean, we know it’s Jeremy Novy, since he appeared in a big SF Weekly article about himself and took full credit for the koi fish stencils all over town. Which people tend to like. But maybe people didn’t like that they showed up on the brand-new playground? Because it was so fresh and so clean? So they made a similar stencil and put his name on it, snitch-style? Actually maybe he didn’t do it. Maybe it’s a frame job! Maybe……. good grief, I’m gonna go to the beach.

Graffiti and artisan haircuts, together at last!

You can’t have one without the other — it just wouldn’t be the Mission.

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New 780 Valencia mural in progress

While it’s going to take a lot to replace the awesomeness of the hammocked ladies in the original mural, Jonathon here is definitely up to the task.  He’ll probably paint your house if you ask him too.

(Photo by Chris!)