Sidewalk graffiti to 299 Valencia residents: ‘You’re not welcome here!’

Panorama by Joe Bunny. Thanks, Joe.

Crate stack dance

Whatever it takes to get up a new mural on Osage behind the Mission Cultural Center.

UPDATE:  Apparently this is a real sport.  Original photo has been removed at photographer’s request.


‘Fuck off yuppies’ says new graffiti on 299 Valencia condo complex

I liked the artisan haircuts for all gag better.

[via Joe Huerta]

Guerilla marketing campaign for Hamburger Helper hits the Mission

Shame on you, General Mills. Some poor property owner is going to have to clean that up.

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Quasi pictorial dialogue on life+death v. text+image

I’m not sure where we are in this, but the conversation intrigues me. Partly because it illustrates two different ways to create image using text.

Found on the other side of Market Street, on the wall of the former Go Getter’s Market.

Fisherman’s Wharf’s World Famous Bushman further immortalized, in spray paint

Oh look, and he’s spray-painting something of his own too.

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Sidewalk stencil medley mystery

What do a Bialetti moka pot, a pink airplane, a Polaroid camera, an acoustic guitar, a striped suit with an umbrella, an unidentified creepy face, and a cactus all have in common? Well, they’re all part of this collection of sidewalk stencils in front of Radio Habana Social Club.

For a second, I thought it was another jab at hipsters, but I couldn’t quite figure out that striped ensemble (or that face). If anyone can decode this esoteric collection of things, let me know. I sure am fond of that moka pot, though.

And here’s another shot of that pretty little Telegraph Hill parrot stencil, just a few sidewalk squares away.

Killer V

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Cleaning up some graffiti

New graffiti on constantly changing 24th and Bryant mural claims mural is ‘not down with La Raza’

First it was Occu∏, then it was a tubular rainbow guy, then Occu∏ went over the rainbow guy, then it became a new tubular guy with rainbow pants, and now this.