Sidewalk stencil urges you to disobey law, but also politely censors itself

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If you’re going to protest gentrification by writing ‘gentrification’ over and over all over somebody’s wall, at least try to spell it right

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Matty Luv lives

It’s been 10 years and a couple weeks since Mission punk hero and Hickey frontman Matty Luv passed away.

Celebrate by writing more graffiti, or by getting the recently issued Hickey retrospective compilation, or by reading about how Hickey raged against the commercialization of punk (and the Voodoo Glow Skulls).

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Bold new statement – “I am an A Hole”

This recently discovered tagger, apparently going by A-Hole, appears to be posing quite the interesting challenge to our collective moral judgement. This simple statement, straight and to the point, gilded even, is all at once a pure proclamation of existence (a caveman’s hand on the cave wall), an exclamation of artistic relevance (applied with an assumption of importance, that is without permission, and to a highly trafficked area) and finally a rebuke and rejection of the original motivations for its very existence. The A inside the circle being a clear representation of an “A Hole”, standing in for @$$#ø¬∑ which stands in for “ass hole”, builds an inherent impenetrable wall against any outside criticism. You don’t appreciate this? Well it’s too late to sound off, the artist has already made judgement on him or herself! Your opinion is inert.

Well done, asshole.

Check yo’ elf

I always do!

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The shyest of tags

Written in chalk, spotted near Coffee Bar.

They’re gonna have to replace the entire sidewalk to get rid of the anti-yuppie graffiti outside 299 Valencia

SFist reports:

[T]he big “You’re Not Welcome Here” remains pretty well visible, post-power-wash, on the sidewalk.

We feel sad for the early buyers at this building at 14th and Valencia having to read that every time they walk out the front door. They’re just people like you and me! They’re welcome to purchase condos and artisan denim just as much as the next wealthy hipster!

Read on.

Your complicated feelings about Valencia Street

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36,000-square-foot ad hoc street art museum

Big event Saturday night only! SFist has the details:

We mentioned it last week, but now that the location and details of Endless Canvas’ 36,000-square-foot ad hoc street art museum have been revealed, the event will make a rad addition to your weekend plans. The massive, three-story warehouse with murals by over 80 west coast graffiti artists will throw open its doors tomorrow evening in Berkeley.

The Carbon Warehouse is located in the old Flint Ink building (1350 4th Street) in Berkeley. The event itself is free and open to all ages. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the event runs until they shut the whole thing down at Midnight.

Read on for more info and a video preview. (Swampy’s in on this; hopefully this event is even a fraction as good as that sick Swampy show last year, seen above.)

Also, here’s an important little notice from the event website:

ATTN WRITTERS: Thank you for not tagging the porta-potties, lights, gerenators, trucks or other rented equipment as Endless Canvas will be held liable and we want to be able to keep doing these events in the future.  Also, please don’t tag up the buildings across the street around the night of the opening so that the event doesn’t get shut down.  You know we’re pro-graffiti but please don’t side bust or blow up the spot.  THANK YOU!!!

Sidewalk graffiti to 299 Valencia residents: ‘You’re not welcome here!’

Panorama by Joe Bunny. Thanks, Joe.