When did everyone start loving hookers so much?

I mean I don’t have anything against hookers or anything, but first there was the hookers shirt, and now there’s this scene over in Oakland.

[via Susie Cagle]

Some graffiti from an S-Bahn platform in Berlin, translated

Like I said, Google Translate is pretty powerful these days.

[via @acrossatlantik]

Nice penmanship, Nuni

Did I pronounce that right?

(Aaaaand that makes three graffiti posts in a row, just like the old days! Good work, Ariel!)

What did the _______ ever do to you?

Our pal Simon, who took this photo, thinks they may have meant:

…police who turned up while we were tagging? [link]


Bird Haunters

UFO in the WC

Go big or go…

[via Jono Brandel]

A very special Mother’s Day fuck-you somewhere on Capp Street

Ouch. Happy Mother’s Day!

(Thanks, Amy!)

Get rich or get out

That’s pretty much the clearest statement I’ve seen so far.

Downhearted hot dogs

[via Helen]