Great debate

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Sick penmanship

Megan Fox is Ribity?

Got an urgent email from Kat Malinowska just now:

Look at the resting image on this video of Megan Fox playing Pictionary:

Whoa, yep, either Megan Fox is Ribity or she was a big fan of Mission Mission in the early days:

Here’s a classic Ribity (photographed by the Artist Formerly Known As Plug1), for reference:

And here’s our old (pre-2011) header:

Local tagger really stickin’ it to hipsters

Is this an effective use of spray paint? Circle one: y/n


“Fair warning” to hipsters and yuppies

A new tag on Samy’s Liquors at 24th and Bryant makes some pretty clear threats to a couple broad swaths of people. It instructs to kill hipsters and yuppies, two hard to define groups that were often derided among taggers in the last decade, but makes no mention of techies, the neighborhood slur du jour.

This is my fair warning to the hipsters + the yuppies!!
Get the [fuck?] Up Out the MISSION!! Before this [shit?] starts getting UGLY!!
you got 6 Months, Keep it Kickin!! If you don’t, it won’t be funny!
I Guarantee my Soldiers will GLADLY Come Out GUNNIN!!

Tagger writes ‘Fuck your gay art’ over beautiful Clarion Alley mural

A reader explains:

Long-time local artist/muralist icon MATS!? (Mats Stromberg) attempted to repair his Clarion Alley mural yesterday. Later that same evening, this happened: (Why yes, that does say “Fuck your gay art”— a testament to the maturity of the tagger.)

As someone commented on Facebook: “I find it Ironic that this guy is targeted Mats Stromberg of all people…. His comics and art are all about the living at the bottom of the barrel…. and in clarion alley no less…” Indeed.

Sad shit. Mats!? rules!

[Photo by James Patrik]

When did everyone start loving hookers so much?

I mean I don’t have anything against hookers or anything, but first there was the hookers shirt, and now there’s this scene over in Oakland.

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Some graffiti from an S-Bahn platform in Berlin, translated

Like I said, Google Translate is pretty powerful these days.

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Nice penmanship, Nuni

Did I pronounce that right?

(Aaaaand that makes three graffiti posts in a row, just like the old days! Good work, Ariel!)

What did the _______ ever do to you?

Our pal Simon, who took this photo, thinks they may have meant:

…police who turned up while we were tagging? [link]