Sutro GIF Party

This is what our great protector sees as it endlessly scans the horizon for threats to our fair City.  Shouldn’t it be facing the Pacific Coast, though?  Perhaps Chief Gascon has succeeded in enlisting Sutro to help fight crime in the city.


Sutro Comes ALIVE

Sutro Tower Lightning Strike

Mission & Valencia (1886 – Present)

Wha?  What are you doing here?  You should be off reading Burrito Justice, a blog that does actual RESEARCH.


This morning, B.J. did a bang-up job of outlining the past 123 years on Valencia/Mission, in honor of El Rio’s 31st birthday.  I suggest you take a look at this fantastic post, especially if you love San Francisco history (HELLO!  Remember how much you loved  Milk?).  Thanks to Burrito Justice for picking up our slack.

[Note: The bar in the image above is totally not El Rio.  What, I have time to comb through archives all of a sudden?]

First Burrito Served in San Francisco?


Plug1 was over on Belden Place and saw this sign on some establishment. He sent it over on the spot with the following accompanying text: “This can’t be right.”

Well, experts, what’s right?

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