Danny Bowien outraged over Popeye’s Two for Tuesday price hike

Bowien, chef at Mission Chinese Food, remarked that the Popeye’s Two for Tuesday increase (from $1 to $1.29) was “fucking bullshit” on a recent feature on Vice TV, the natural next step up from his Martha Stewart appearance.

Why isn’t the neighborhood in an uproar about this?

Oh if you want, you can see the rest of the episode here. My takeways: we’ve all probably eaten some of Danny’s hair, cleaning a live crab is gnarly as hell, and Spices is about to get some long-ass wait lists.

[via Vice]

Danny Bowien shows Martha Stewart how he slaps his noodle

Check it out: Danny Bowien from Mission Chinese Food was recently on Martha Stewart. I hope that he later invited one of those Lung Shan old-timers in the back out to demonstrate how to stuff a dumpling.

[via YMFY]