Tuesday’s power outage caused by mylar balloon

About 4,700 people temporarily lost power on Tuesday.

Then a reader, Geoff, sent us this pic, saying:

I was on Valencia st when the power went out, so I went back home. On the way I saw this at 21st and Alabama. A Mylar balloon shorted out the wires, and it looks like it took out most of the district.

Thanks, Geoff!

The SF Appeal has the official story:

[PG&E spokesman] Molica said the balloon “caused extensive damage,” and he reminded people to keep metallic balloons weighed down and away from power lines.

Here’s a pic with the balloon highlighted, in case it wasn’t clear above.

Eating the hottest pepper in the world

Local photographer Nick Fisher recently sat at the bar at Dr. Teeth and ate chicken wings covered in a sauce made with bhut jolokia, the ghost pepper.