Breaking news: Google Maps advertising algorithm slightly off

The always entertaining quest to find horrendous 1995-era websites for local Mission joints yielded some surprising results when clicking on Mission Hill Saloon. Instead of a link to their website (which presumably doesn’t exist) I was offered an amazing deal at Mission Hills Dongguan, a mere 10,000 km away!

Google Respects Your Privacy (If You’re a Colonel)

We all know that Google Street View values the privacy of the luchador crowd. But it turns out Google also hides the faces of colonels with secrets whose factories convert chickens into weapons of mass destruction tasty snacks, as we see here on Duboce & Guerrero (thankfully not in the Mission).

The irony here: given their questionable meat content (and uncomfortable proximity to taquerias), Taco Bell really is the one that ought to be blurred out.  But it’s a bell, not the dog, so I am not sure how effective that would be. Or maybe it’s a witness protection program for the Colonel?