The End of 365

Many things will end today. Many things will begin tomorrow, blah blah blah.

Anyway, today is the final day for the now famous Mission District photographer Dustin Diaz’s Project 365. Since the very beginning of 2009 he’s been taking at least one picture a day and posting them to his website. Along the way he’s become the Mashable Flickr Photographer of the year, and inspired thousands of kids to run outside at night and take pictures of out of focus lights. You can call it bokeh.

Day One Hundred
Here’s a self portrait of Mr. Diaz from day 100. He’s expected to post the final shot sometime before midnight tonight.

I would be missing the big picture here if I didn’t also include the “strobist info” that follows many of his shots, detailing his process.

strobist info: Day 100

I shoot the Mission at night all the time, but my stuff is nothing like his, so it’s nice to see him be willing and even excited to demystify the process for us.

Check his Flickr photostream for the final shot of the year.