Drama Talk & Drinks: Comedy at The Cynic Cave

Welcome to the second installment of “Drama Talk & Drinks”, a new feature here on Mission Mission. Our friends Katie Cruz and Brittany Janis go see a local show, then they go to a bar, get drinks, and talk about it. Here’s their report:

[pic by Katie Cruz]

Rumor had it something funny was going on under Lost Weekend Video. Last year they opened The Cinecave in their basement, and now they’re hosting a variety of awesomeness, including some of SF’s funniest. Last Saturday we decided to check out their Cynic Cave Comedy Show featuring Bucky Sinister, Shanti Charan, Red Scott, Kelly Anneken and Miles K hosted by George Chen and Kevin O’Shea. Here’s our drama talk:

Brittany: The host (Kevin O’Shea) was awesome! I loved that he started with “This is the most fun you are going to have in a basement in 2013” because I think that is true. I haven’t had that much fun in a basement in a while.

Katie: I definitely didn’t feel lied to, which is always nice. Shockingly good for $10.


Kickstart the Lost Weekend Cinecave

As one of the oldest independent video stores in the city, Lost Weekend has not only served as one of best places to find the perfect esoteric film to take home for the night, but also as a community hub for cinema enthusiasts to meet and mingle, find some of the raddest shirts around, and even see screenings of classic favorites.  In the interest of expanding their capacity for this last point, the crew at Lost Weekend have revealed their ambitous plans to install a Cinecave in the basement which will serve as an underground screening room and community space for film!  With the demise of places like the Red Vic, we definitely need more places like this.

Check out the Kickstarter here!


Let’s Not Lose Lost Weekend Video

Lost Weekend sunny sidewalk sale

What a beautiful sunny day in the Mission!  Everyone’s out and about walking around, and the sidewalks are alive with all sorts of interesting excitement.  Do yourself a favor and walk down Valencia or 24th and you won’t regret it!

Also, fans of cinema should be sure to stop by Lost Weekend video to check out their sidewalk sale.  They’ll probably do it again tomorrow too!  There’s definitely some gems in there–I came away with Murder by Death starring the legendary Peter Falk (and I guess Truman Capote)!!!

(RIP Columbo)


Let’s Not Lose Lost Weekend Video

F Your Q

Lost Weekend Video continues their assault on poor, defenseless little old Netflix. Who will come out the winner? All I know is that Netflix never offered a “Klaus Kinski tries to chop off Werner Herzog’s head with a machete” T-shirt, and that’s not helping them.

[via Tenderloin Geographic Society]


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