Drama Talk & Drinks: Comedy at The Cynic Cave

Welcome to the second installment of “Drama Talk & Drinks”, a new feature here on Mission Mission. Our friends Katie Cruz and Brittany Janis go see a local show, then they go to a bar, get drinks, and talk about it. Here’s their report:

[pic by Katie Cruz]

Rumor had it something funny was going on under Lost Weekend Video. Last year they opened The Cinecave in their basement, and now they’re hosting a variety of awesomeness, including some of SF’s funniest. Last Saturday we decided to check out their Cynic Cave Comedy Show featuring Bucky Sinister, Shanti Charan, Red Scott, Kelly Anneken and Miles K hosted by George Chen and Kevin O’Shea. Here’s our drama talk:

Brittany: The host (Kevin O’Shea) was awesome! I loved that he started with “This is the most fun you are going to have in a basement in 2013” because I think that is true. I haven’t had that much fun in a basement in a while.

Katie: I definitely didn’t feel lied to, which is always nice. Shockingly good for $10.


Bass Instructor

Our pal Chris Garcia, soon to be ex-local comedian, stars in this new short as the titular bass instructor giving an . . . interesting lesson to a young musician. Really nice chemistry between these two. Shot in Secret Studios.

Chris is leaving us to move to some other place in California that supposedly has a better film scene, or whatever. His final show up here before moving is July 23rd at The Punchline. I’ve seen him live a couple times, check him out if you haven’t.

Go to Uptown Almanac’s comedy show tonight

Hey guys, don’t forget to go to Uptown Almanac‘s locally-sourced stand-up comedy show tonight. It’s all local comics! Sure, these folks might not be interviewed on WTF in the near future, but they will probably tell more jokes that are specific to your San Franciscan sensibilities, like “what is the deal with gum on the sidewalk” and “why are people in their mid-to-late 30′s in love with Sutro tower?” Plus, bragging rights. In 10 years you can say you saw them all before they had failed sitcoms.

It’s only $7 at the door and if you’re not ready to laugh the cover includes enough free PBR to make anyone funny.

Edit: It wasn’t my intention to trash these comics or Uptown Almanac, if that’s what came across. I was making some probably poor-taste jokes about careers in stand up comedy in general (too much listening to Mark Maron). I sincerely apologize if this was taken that way. We have supported these comics and this event before and think they are great. I will be there. Needless to say, I will not be performing comedy.

Chappelle spends the night at Yoshi’s

Dave Chappelle
[Chappelle on SF streets in 2007 pic by sam.soneja]

Dave Chappelle was here in the Bay Area last week. He did two nights at Yoshi’s in Oakland. Did anyone get to see him? My mom did, and she was there until about 4:30 in the morning. Here’s her report:

All night long with Dave Chappelle @ Yoshi’s in Oakland.

I’m a big fan of both stand up comedy and late night/after hours, when our defenses slip away and delirium seeps in. The rules change, and things take on different meanings. Beginning in the earliest hours of Tuesday morning, Dave Chappelle performed an all night, 4 1/2 hour set of stand up routine, improv (once asking the audience for movies that’ve touched us in some meaningful way. He had funny, irreverent jokes for every movie mentioned, ending with a soundtrack for Precious, as if it were sung by a Country artist), piano playing (a little Moonlight Sonata), and a profound look at a keenly intelligent man at work. I laughed until I cried a few times.

There were way too many not funny hecklers to contend with, and sometimes I thought he spent too much time responding to them and engaging with them.

He said his biggest regret was not selling out to Comedy Central, and also said he’s not comfortable with people who say they tell the truth all the time. Dave smoked about 500 cigarettes, drank 2 cups of coffee, didn’t have a sip of water, and talked all night long!

He also has some big guns from working out and says he’s on steroids.

Thanks Dave, that was a great time!

Barbara Graber.

Tonight: Free Comedy Bloodbath at Delirium

Jeff from SFstandup hips us to a new Wednesday night option:

Just thought you’d like to know, there’s a new stand-up comedy night right in the heart of the Mission at the Delirium on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30. The two guys running it, Joey Divine and Joe Gorman, have only done it 3 times so far, so it’s still ramping up. But on April 30th, they’re having their most ambitious show, “Kevin’s vs. Joe’s” featuring upper-level local comics who have performed at the Punchline and all over the Bay Area.

Link to further deets at SFstandup, including video.

Link to coverage at SFstandup’s San Francisco Comedy Blog.

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