Microsoft Street Art

Well, they’re really trying with this new Windows Phone.  Maroon 5, Fillmore, free tickets, and this hot new street art stencil medium everyone’s been talking about lately.  Just clear something up for me real quick:  Is it legal to spray paint on sidewalks? 

If Banksy or random taggers are doing it, they usually get away with it too unless caught in the act since they don’t leave any identifiable details.  On the other hand, I’m pretty sure Microsoft is still located somewhere in Washington.  SFDPW, you know where to send the clean-up bill.

[Photo courtesy of the illustrious Broke-Ass Stuart]

Who Wants to Host a Neighborhood Windows 7 Launch Party?

Sorry, everyone, I realize this is unrelated to the Mission.

Or is it?!

If anyone wants to throw a Microsoft house party, call me up.