This needs to be our new jam

This police scanner recording from a couple months ago in response to a reported hookup in Delirium’s bathroom would make a great auto-tuned song.

Dispatch: “Okay, it’s a 311 at 16th and Albion … at The Delirium? And there are people having sex in the bathroom, no description.”
Officer: ” … No sex seems to be happening.”
Dispatch: ” … 311, 16th and Albion, no sex happening.”

Let’s make that happen, someone with musical skillz.

T—- Tagger in Broad Daylight


Bold and brazen, she wasn’t fazed in the slightest by my photographic documentation of her criminal act.

Should I have stopped her?

UPDATE: Several of you have requested that I remove “Tubby” from the title, so in the interest of preventing a civil war on the server, I have acquiesced.  I’m not saying I agree with the morality police, and I’m probably still a jerk for posting it in the first place.  These facts remain despite the update.  I must say though that I don’t find it “hateful” (a very strong word) to call someone (who is spraying one of the ugliest tags I’ve ever seen–on my street no less)  “tubby” in a photograph where she can’t be identified (back to the camera).

Please continue to discuss in the comments; the ability of our readers to engage in rational discourse is my favorite part of this blog.