This needs to be our new jam

This police scanner recording from a couple months ago in response to a reported hookup in Delirium’s bathroom would make a great auto-tuned song.

Dispatch: “Okay, it’s a 311 at 16th and Albion … at The Delirium? And there are people having sex in the bathroom, no description.”
Officer: ” … No sex seems to be happening.”
Dispatch: ” … 311, 16th and Albion, no sex happening.”

Let’s make that happen, someone with musical skillz.

Meanwhile, in Palo Alto . . .

City-Sanctioned Muggers Harass and Rob Dolores Park-Goers

They be hatin'

They be hatin'

A small group of people, who were wearing funny uniforms and alleging to represent the City of San Francisco and its parks, were out Sunday evening claiming to be enforcing laws established by “the people of San Francisco.”  Their actions included, but were not limited to, disturbing a small dance party due to noise (while a Mustang with no muffler drove by), demanding an owner of a moped leave the park (only after calling some sort of oracle and inquiring if it was illegal to park a motorized vehicle on the grass), and impolitely asking someone to water the grass with a Stella Artois.  Most park-goers failed to recognize the legitimacy of these individuals and continued to drink “the devil’s nectar.”

Dolores Park Dance Party

This bicycle-basket dance party was shut down by individuals claiming to represent the City of San Francisco.

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