I say yes

I Say Yes

Some VERY Altruistic Neighbors

Upon finding out that someone has parked their driveway, most San Francisco residents will immediately simply call SFDPT and wash their hands of the matter, wondering while they wait for the tow truck how anyone could possibly have the audacity to park there despite clearly labeled warning signs.

However, some neighbors are a little more understanding, or perhaps just happen to be nice people:

It’s nice to see neighbors be rad once in a while.


Cuddly “Stay the Hell Out of My Driveway” Sign

“There Are No Savesies”

Cuddly "Stay the Hell Out of My Driveway" Sign

At least they were nice about it!  Makes the trek down to good ol’ 450 7th Street just a little more bearable.

[Photo by Penelope Popsicle, as usual]


Poop on My Driveway and I Will Run You Over With My Stroller

Driveway of Forgiveness

Parking Retard