Scenes from yesterday’s Preservation Hall West march

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band second line yesterday was a great time. Marching through a crowded Mission street sidewalk seemed to make the cops nervous, but things went off without a hitch and there were nothing but smiles all around from drivers and locals alike. Some familiar local musicians joined in on the jam.

Here’s a quick video:

The parade ended inside the actual Preservation Hall West (AKA “the Chapel”) where we were greeted by some confused-looking construction workers. The bartenders served up some drinks and everyone walked around the venue, checking it out.

One of the employees said that this weekend is just a preview opening for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. The actual opening date is still up in the air. From the look of it, there was quite a bit of construction to go.

Still, the place looks great. The main concert hall is in the chapel (hence the AKA, “the Chapel”). There are at least 4 bars. One in the concert hall, one in the balcony, one in the front, and yet another in a side room.

Booking will be overseen by by the folks behind Slim’s, so you can expect that vibe to carry over to the Chapel.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band leading a second line march TODAY at 1:30pm

Hey non-day-job-having Mission people: you don’t want to miss this. At 1:30pm today, a New Orleans-style second line parade will be led by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. They will march from Revolution Cafe to the forthcoming Preservation Hall West location:

Dear San Franciscans. Anyone want to parade with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band Friday (10/5)? A New Orleans’ style Second Line will be held with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band for the opening of Preservation Hall West at The Chapel, Friday at 1:30pm. The parade will start on Bartlett & 22nd st. and will run to Preservation Hall West at 777 Valencia st. Musicians, support the band by bringing your instruments! Everyone else, sport your New Orleans gear and noisemakers for this historical event

Grab your banjos and head on down!

I somehow managed to get tipped off about this from a well-informed friend in Chicago. Go figure.

[via Preservation Hall]